Diamond in the pocket of the Buddha

When a pickpocket meets the Buddha, he sees only his pockets ...

In Lahore, a city jewelers, lived a professional pickpocket. Once he saw that a man bought a beautiful diamond, which he had been waiting for many years, diamonds, which he was obliged to simply get. Therefore pickpocket followed the man who bought the diamond. When he bought a train ticket to Madras, the thief also took a ticket to Madras. They went to the same compartment. When the owner of a diamond went to the toilet, pickpocket searched all compartments. When a person is asleep, the thief continued his search, but to no avail.
Finally the train arrived in Madras, and the person who bought the diamond, was on the platform. At this time hustler came up to him.
- Excuse me, sir, - he said. - I am a professional thief. I tried everything, but to no avail. You have arrived where you need to, and I do not bother you anymore. But I just can not help but ask: where you hid the diamond?
The man replied:
- I saw what you saw to it as I buy a diamond. When you were on the train, I realized that you hunt for them. I thought you must have a cunning fellow, and at first could not figure out where to put the diamond that you failed to find it. But in the end, I put it in your pocket.

Diamond that you are looking for, is close to you - closer than your breath. But you searched the pockets of the Buddha. Shake all of the pockets of his mind. Look for where there is no distance and nothing else to do. But for you it's too easy.


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