Bokuju and creek

One Zen monk, Bokuju, said: "Go and cross the stream, but does not allow water to touch you."

And across the creek near his monastery there was no bridge. Many have tried to do it, but when they crossed the creek, then, of course, the water touches them. So one day a monk came to him and said:

- You asked us impossible task. We are trying to cross the creek; through it there is no bridge. If there was a bridge, we will, of course, would cross the creek, and the water would not touch us. But we have to go through the stream and the water touches us.

And Bokuju said:
- I'll go and crossed it, and you watch.
And Bokuju crossed the creek. Water, of course, touched his feet, and they said:
- See, the water touched you!

Bokuju said:
- As far as I know, she did not touch me. I was just a witness. Water touched my feet, but not for me. I was just evidence.


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