Pumpkin creek Grand Canyon

In the depths of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Colorado River flows wonderful. Many people are fused to it by boat, but in a beautiful nature there is something that really does no one expects to see - a huge pumpkin! When fused to the river, it is a miracle is on the 342 kilometer.

Pool protrudes from the slope of the canyon and overhanging the river, and the name of this unusual formation Pumpkin Spring, or Pumpkin Creek

For thousands of years tykvopodobny pool is expanded to that now safely can be described with the aid of quotations from the books of Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). But even though the creek and looks tempting, it is not as safe as it might seem.

Pumpkin creek - it travertine, limestone deposits of carbonate sources. As you can see, it takes the deposition of eccentric shape, and often looks as if it were a vegetable. From the vessel into the river enters caustic liquid, but it is necessary to be afraid of what is in himself.

I must say that the water in the warm pumpkin looks attractive, but it can not be called safe. It is peppered with high levels of arsenic, copper, zinc and lead. Many people can not resist the temptation to jump there, but in this case, then it is necessary very good rinse under running water. Drink this water is strictly prohibited.

This is probably the most dangerous waters in the Grand Canyon. Compare the established norm of arsenic in the water should be no more than 50 milligrams per 1 liter. Recent studies of water in Pumpkin Creek found in 1 liter of water 1,100 milligrams of arsenic!

Arsenic poisoning is not a pleasant one. It all starts with a headache, disorientation, indigestion and sleepiness. If not urgently seek medical attention, then starts vomiting, hematuria, cramps, hair loss, abdominal pain, leading to coma and then death. Of course, a quick dip in the water stream will not cause any danger to life, however, as they say, better safe than nedobdet.


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