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Lightning has always been of great importance for the ancient people around the world, this phenomenon gives rise to many myths and legends about gods and demons. Now people are still fascinated vagaries of nature, whether lightning or a storm cloud. Photographer of the United States Rolf Meder captured this powerful force of nature in their pictures taken rainy night over the Grand Canyon.
Meder traveled to the Grand Canyon to take pictures of sunset, but found something more interesting. Using a slow shutter speed on the camera, he was able to capture several lightning flashes in a single shot. The site and blog Meder also has pictures of other photographers who he sells.
In the past, the Grand Canyon has been inhabited by various tribes of American Indians. Europeans first saw it in 1540, and the Americans moved westward, a little later, -in 1800s. Grand Canyon attracted the attention of all the people who have been there, and American Indians considered it a sacred place. Later, the Grand Canyon became a national park, a monument and a symbol of the American West. Canyon length-446 km, the depth of 800 meters, and the width-from 6.4 to 29 km. This is not the deep, high and wide canyon in the world, but it is appreciated, among other things, for the quaint mountain layers that formed ice million due back Kolorado.Grand River Canyon about 2 billion years.



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