Beautiful photos of lightning around the world (26 photos)

Lightning - one of the most beautiful, majestic natural phenomena. Arising mainly in thunder, lightning often give everyone an unforgettable light show in the sky.

In the year lightning strikes over 1.3 billion times, and he killed her by about 100 people.

Lightning strikes over the Davis Besse nuclear plant in Ohio.

The current in a lightning strike reaches 10-20 thousand amperes.
Flashes of lightning in the Croatian port of Pula.

The average length of the zipper 2, 5 km, some discharges in the atmosphere extends to a distance of 20 km.
Lightning strikes over two deck fighter-bombers F / A-18C Hornet on the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis in the Pacific Ocean.

From lightning person loses consciousness, falls are often stops breathing and heartbeat. The body can usually detect "current tag", the point of entry and exit of electricity.
Lightning over the fields early in the morning in Illinois.

The probability of being struck by lightning ground object increases with its height.
From lightning lit spire 190-year-old church in Massachusetts. The fire was put out.

The temperature of the channel when the main discharge can exceed 25,000 ° C.
The night sky in Montevideo - the capital of Uruguay.

Clouds and lightning over the Houses of Parliament in London.

Lightning strikes hit through the storm clouds above the volcano Agua in Antigua.

Lightning in Athens, Ga.

Lightning over the lake in Lecco, Italy.

Lightning during a thunderstorm in Beijing near the tallest skyscraper in the city - Shanghai World Financial Center.

Lightning near the space shuttle at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Lightning over the Kremlin and the Moscow River.

Lightning illuminates the sky and buildings in Bangkok.

Lightning over the US military base in Logar province, Afghanistan.

Flash light up the sky over the city of Pula, Croatia.

In the south-western Afghanistan.

Lightning touch the ground in the state of Kansas.

Lightning on the beach in Florida.

Lightning over the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis, located in the Gulf of Thailand.

Photo Lightning made from the deck of the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln.

Night storm in the suburbs of Prague.

Lightning pierced the sky near a mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Lightning over Death Valley National Park in California.

Lightning illuminates the sky during a thunderstorm at the Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland.

Again the lightning over the Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland.


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