Syktyvkar medic followed in the footsteps of the inventor Nikola Tesla

Amateur inventor Nikolay Torlopov podobral junk in his yard and made him work a lightning generator Nikola Tesla, dropping the jaws of the neighbors on the floor.

The inventor of the medical education of Syktyvkar Nikolay Torlopov, not played enough in childhood with electromagnetism, sights on a bold project — a lightning generator legendary inventor Nikola Tesla.

That's the Foundation, the frame of the secondary winding is made of sewer pipes, there is 12 pieces. This capacitor, Tesla called it an "antenna". This antenna is made of aluminum corrugation duct ventilation, says the inventor of the features of miracle design.

To stop brilliant Syktyvkarsky not intended. Follower of Tesla sat down at the Desk for the design of ion engine. Although the obstacles ahead are many, Dr. Torlopov admits the success he was sure.




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