Medveditskaya ridge anomalous zone (27 photos)

One of the most amazing places in the abnormal world. Medveditskaya ridge at a distance of 15-18 kilometers from the city Zhirnovsk, is a chain of hills, a height of about 250 meters. Eyewitnesses claim that there do unspeakable things for a normal person - except for the fact that various types of UFOs appear there almost every week, Medveditskaya ridge just attracts fireballs. Here, their whole flock. They say that sometimes you can watch multiple quietly flying low over the ground fireballs that easily burn their way through the thick tree trunks.

Recently, I went there. Spread some of the most successful pictures taken June 13, 2009. And all was done 204)))

Crumpled, in pieces, like matches, trees more than thirty centimeters in diameter, on which the gaping blackness of outer space burns up to five square meters. Strange parched figures among the thick grass. Rare insects and no birds on the slope rabid lightning. Huge network of underground tunnels that conceal their secret ... these places just teeming with UFO sightings. There are here and strange objects triangular glowing circular or spherical objects. Some local residents claim that even saw the landing of a UFO here ...
Many more mysteries keeps this anomalous zone in our region, which are spurting out of the ground is very strange keys. At one point, out of the ground leaves with distilled water and the other beats the radioactive source

Behind me she is Medveditskaya ridge. The people called "Slope rabid lightning." We'll have to go around a strange bluish field like the young wheat.

From the city Zhirnovsk drove about 18 km away. on the primer. The most interesting thing in the net no pictures or charts, where it is located. Looks Secret)) I nadybal drawing a map and guided by GPS through Google Map.

Climbing up the hill to the left of "Slope rabid Lightning" was a forest 100 meters from the primer. Then I saw some fallen trees. It appears this is birch. Charred from the roots up to one meter, and no trace of fire around. Green grass, all things ...

30 meters to the north is quite a phenomenon. Looks like a birch root and grew a few trunks. At first I was afraid to go. The trunks were burned up to 3 meters. We immediately see that the fire nebylo and trees did not decay, - they just instantly burned nafig!


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