Stunning demonstration of lightning

One of the most spectacular natural phenomena - lightning. Someone they scare and attract somebody or admire. In any case, no one is indifferent to this incredible sight. We offer you a few shots of lightning.

A flash of lightning takes just a moment, so just catch it in the camera lens is practically impossible. In short, if you give advice, the most important thing - the shutter speed in the range of 20 - 30 seconds and manual focus. The best examples of photos of lightning, see below. The pictures were taken in different places of our planet's vast variety of photographers.

Brunei, Dean Mullin.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, Dan Ransom.

Phoenix, Arizona, Mike Olbinski.

Paris, Bertrand Kulik.

Rosaschi Ranch, Arizona, Jeffrey Sullivan.

Dallas, Texas, Justin Tervin.

Toronto, Canada, Richard Gottardo.

Chicago, ChicagoPhoto1.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bud Branch.

Athens, Chris Kotsiopulos.

Central City, Nebraska, Jason Weingart.

Cardiff, Australia, Peter Kennelly.


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