Aspiring 7 facts about the man in whom the human lightning strikes seven times, but never killed

In 1912 in the US state of Virginia was born Roy Cleveland Sullivan, who was to get into the Guinness Book of Records as the man who was hit by lightning in a record number of times. The site publishes seven surprising facts about the "person-lightning rod» .

1. Roy Sullivan was a strong man who since 1936 worked as a gamekeeper in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. The first time it was hit by lightning in April 1942, when he was hiding from the storm in a wooden fire tower. Tower recently constructed, and therefore it has not been a lightning rod. As a result, the fire tower was struck by lightning and burned it. Roy managed to jump out of it and run only a few centimeters, when his right leg was struck by lightning. He got burned legs and the soles of his boots a hole.

2. The next time the lightning overtook him in July 1969, when Roy was driving a truck on a mountain road. Then the lightning first hit the road next to the trees, and then - in the open window of the truck. The blow Sullivan lost consciousness, and lightning burned his eyebrows, eyelashes and hair bulk. Meanwhile, the truck continued to move until it stopped at the edge of a cliff.

3. A year later, lightning again hit the Roy when he was in the yard of his house. First, lightning struck a power transformer near the house, and then got into the man's left shoulder, leaving a burn.

4. In 1972 Sullivan was struck by lightning while working in a national park. During this incident, his hair caught fire, and he tried to extinguish the flames, covered her head jacket. Then I ran to the bathroom, where he wanted to stick your head under the faucet, but could not. As a result, he extinguished the fire with wet towels. After this incident, the man began to constantly carry a container of water.

5. Fourth lightning strike caused Roy to begin to believe that some force trying to destroy him. In this regard, within the next month, when he went to his truck during a lightning storm, Roy slid off the road and went into the front seat to ride out the storm.

6. A 7 August 1973, while he was patrolling the territory National Park, Sullivan saw a storm cloud over him and hurried to leave. And when he had already decided that you can get out of the car, it was struck by lightning: set fire to his hair, passed through the left side of the body and brought down to his shoes. After that, Roy was able to crawl to his truck and pour the water from the tank, which carried with him.

7. One more time lightning struck the Sullivan June 5, 1976, and then - 25 June 1977. The last documented blow came when the man was fishing. Lightning struck the top of his head, singed hair and burned his chest and stomach.

All seven lightning strikes, which experienced Roy Sullivan, have been documented Shenandoah National Park ranger R. Taylor Hoskins, and confirmed by doctors who studied the man burns. The champion however maintained that the first time it was struck by lightning in 1942 much earlier. It happened when he was a child, and helped his father in the fields. Then the lightning got into a plait Roy without hitting him. However, to prove that it really was impossible, so "human lightning rod," I never insisted on the recognition of this event.

Roy Sullivan died at age 71 (28 September 1983) from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the stomach. According to some reports, he did it because of unrequited love ...



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