Be careful

Great Teacher Nan-Ying was on his deathbed. In the life of this extraordinary man had a lot of incidents, anecdotes, stories.
And, dying, he told his disciples:
- I do not want you to mourn my death, because it is not death at all. Keep in mind, when you shed tears, I'll be watching you from the other "shore" and laugh. I want you dancing, singing and having fun. I'm leaving because it's time. My body has become a source of concern rather than comfort. This is my will. Do not wash my body, I have done it myself. And do not change clothes, I put everything that you need.
Having said that, he lay down on the funeral stretcher and died.
But people are people. Of course, when a man goes, remains an irreplaceable void. They were crying and sadness, but not for long.
When the body of the Master put on a funeral pyre, all began to laugh in spite of themselves, though the tears were in their eyes. Here was a strange situation. Teacher hid in his clothes a lot of different stuff: fire crackers and small bombochek! In Japan, they are made with great skill. People laughed and cried. Bombs exploded firecrackers clapping, bouncing. It was very bright and colorful! And that's not all; at one point all the people turned their eyes to the sky. In his blue background smoke coming from the fire, formed a few characters, means: "Be careful!" The disciples looked at the sky, completely forgetting about the funeral. It was this teacher often repeated them in his lifetime! This meant that he did not leave them, and after his death, and continued to do what has devoted his entire life.


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