Scope of precious stones.

Precious and semi-precious stones have great healing power effects on the body. This is due to the fact that they have expressed contact with the nine planets of the celestial sphere, the most pronounced effect on the psyche and human health.

These planets affect not only our health but also on the psyche and even the course of events. They also act on plants, animals, and as already mentioned, precious stones. In other words, these planets affect all living things. So:

• For health - amethyst, heliotrope, pearls.
• To feel the subtle effect of energy - diamond, lapis lazuli, ruby.
• For attractive qualities - heliotrope, pearls.
• To develop psychic abilities - lapis linkvis.
• For susceptibility - agate, beryl.
• To create a general protection - beryl, lapis linkvis.
• To protect against colds - carbon steel.
• To protect from the wrath of - pearl, opal.
Agate protects children from fear and helps children start walking before, support their balance. This stone stimulates spiritual awakening.
Helps alleviate kapha disorders. Agate contains elements of ether, fire and air. It needs to be worn as a bracelet in the cervical gold necklace.

Blue or purple. Contains elements of ether and water. Gives private generosity, love, compassion and hope. Helps control emotional temperament.
Good for the treatment of wool and pitta imbalance. Amethyst should be worn around the neck in a gold necklace.

Yellow, green or blue. Contains elements of fire and ether. Stimulates excess pitta, vata and facilitates excess kapha.
Promotes intelligence, power, prestige and position in society. Increases the value of art and music. It needs to be worn around the neck in silver or silver rings, put on the index finger of his left hand.

White, blue or red. The energy of this very exquisite gemstone is subtle vibrations to the heart, the brain and the thin tissues.
Red diamond has a fiery energy that stimulates Pitta. Blue Diamond has cooling properties, the energy of which calms pitta and kapha stimulates. Colorless diamond stimulate pitta and kapha stimulates.
In Ayurveda, the diamond is used as a heart tonic. To this end, the diamond must be placed overnight in a beaker of water and drink the water on the next day.
Diamond is a luxury anti-aging stone. He brings prosperity and spiritual elevation. It helps to create a close family ties, thus traditionally associated with marriage.
It contains ether, air, fire, earth and water. Diamond should be worn on the right ring finger in a gold ring. It should be noted that a low-quality diamond can have a negative effect on the body.

Silicate material with different colors: red, brown, black, green, yellow and white. Red, yellow and brown garnet have curative effect and beneficial for kapha and vata disorders.
White and green are used for pitta, as they cooling properties. Red garnet contains fire and earth, green - fire and air, white - water. Pomegranate can be worn around the neck in gold - for wool and kapha, pitta is preferable to silver bezel.


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