Slaves habits

You live a habit - this means that in fact the habit of living you. The habit continues, it has its own energy. Of course, it takes energy from you, but you worked with her in the past, and to cooperate in the present. Little by little the habit becomes the master, and you - only a servant, a shadow. The habit of giving you orders and you will be just an obedient servant. You'll have to follow it.
It so happened that a Hindu mystic Eknath went on a pilgrimage. The pilgrimage was to last for at least a year, because he was going to visit all the holy places of the country. Of course, to be with Eknath was a privilege, and with him traveled thousands of people. Urban thief also came and said:
- I know that I am a thief and not worthy to be a member of your religious group, but give me a chance. I would like to go on a pilgrimage.
Eknath said:
- It will be difficult, because a year - is a long time, and you can start to steal things from people. You can create problems. Please Give up this idea.
But the thief insisted. He said:
- This year I'll stop stealing, but I have to go with you. And I promise I will not steal the whole year no one single thing.
Eknath agreed.
But a week later started to have problems, and that's what happened: things began to disappear from the baggage of pilgrims. And even more strange was that nobody steal - they simply disappeared from the bag of one man and a few days in the bag turned out to someone else. A man in a bag which they were found, said that did not do anything, he has no idea how these things were in his bag.
Eknath had his suspicions, and one night he pretended to be asleep, but he continued to watch and observe. Around midnight there was a thief. He began to shift things from one bag to another. Eknath caught him in the act and said:
- What do you do? You promised!
- I follow his promise, - said the thief. - I did not steal any items. But it's my strange habit ... middle of the night if I do not do anything criminal, absolutely can not sleep. Do not sleep the whole year? You're a man of compassion. You have to be compassionate to me. I do not steal! Things are always; they do not disappear just moving from one to the other baggage. And besides, in a year I will have to start again to steal, so I have to keep the shape.
Habits make you do certain things; you their sacrifice. Hindus call it the theory of karma. Every action that you repeat, or every thought - because the idea is too subtle action in the mind - is becoming more and more powerful. It seizes power over you. Then you live the life of a prisoner, a slave. And this conclusion is very thin; Prison is one of your habits, conditionings and actions that you have committed. It surrounds your body, and you're in it confused, but continued to think and fool yourself that you do it yourself.


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