Moscow "divorce" with number signs cars

In such tricks, unfortunately, come across hundreds of car owners on a weekly basis. I advise you to reading.

According to the author of these images, it is, as usual, went out in the morning on the street, got into his car and drove to work. While driving he saw a certain piece of paper wedged under a janitor, and decided to stop to read the message from the unknown;) on a leaf was written the phone number, and the first thing that came to mind - the car was hit and left contact to contact. But no, the car was safe and sound, but just did not have the license plate, and it was cut off by some barbaric methods ... Be sure to read further this action :)


Please call conversation:
- Hello
- How much?
- 4 pieces!
- Where?
- This number is, in any terminal, blah blah blah.
- For the rooms you will have to go somewhere?
- No, everything is close.
- Okay, wait.

The head includes a counter:
Option 1: score on the thieves, take a day off a couple of days, buy a train ticket to go and get new numbers 6000-7000 rubles. Not an option.
Option 2: pay money to the thief, he tip-find numbers 4,000 rubles. Not the fact that the thief would be honest. The same is not an option.
Option 3: The thief said the rooms were somewhere nearby, you can search 0 rub. The chances of success of 50 to 50. Suitable)

Returning to the courtyard and begin to climb bins, garages, playgrounds, basements, under the car ... In general, through all the cracks in the number that can fit within a radius of 500 meters around. Already frustrated back to the car and I see a number of unique cellar, which I have not looked. Without any hope of going to it (well, the thieves can not hide stolen goods in 6 meters from the crime scene, I thought). So I pick up a piece of dirty linoleum and there shit in my family, mangled rooms! Feeling like I won the lottery!)

Towards evening a thief reminded himself, smskoy.
The order message: Left, right, left. the thief did not set the clock.


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