The most popular "set up" Russian cops and how to protect yourself from them

• Divorce For unfastened seat

What to do?

When the fault is not really what can be floated last argument: "You are not wearing a seat belt." To this there is a reasonable answer: "Harness must be used when driving, and my car is worth. I unbuttoned his safety strap just as long as you were to me, and did so in order to get the documents. The Stop the car and the driver and passenger do not have to be worn. " In the rear seat belts are often hidden under the seat. Do not do it, because the challenge of seat belt hidden under the seat, it is impossible. With regard to child seats and other means to comply with the rules are not necessarily buying a child seat, it is enough to put a child in the ass down pillows, and a belt will not pass on the neck and chest of the child.

• Divorce For dirty plates

What to do?

Punish illegible numbers is impossible, since in this case, there is no wine and no-fault penalty does not happen. But traffic rules still prohibit driving vehicles with unreadable characters. After all, there is a "prohibition of use of the vehicle with registration marks, does not meet the standard." A GOST 50577-93 requires that at night, rear sign varied from 20 meters, when illuminated lantern TC staff. Therefore, in order to prove a violation of your inspector had to create conditions equivalent to the dark time of the day and to spend a study. But it is a formal party. On the worldly point of view, the rooms and you can wipe than usual thing and ends.

• Divorce speeding

What to do?

So, first of all, you do not have to prove his innocence, and they - your fault! Since the radar has not given any documentary evidence that was measured exactly your speed, and it was attributed to time, there is nothing to catch the IDPS. Article 26.8. Indications of the Administrative Code of special technical means: 1. Under the special technical means are understood measuring devices approved in the prescribed manner as a means of measurement, with appropriate certificates and passed metrological verification. You can ask the traffic police valiant act of verification of the meter. You will either be denied the request, or the document, "would" only duty unit. If the case goes to court, it is also necessary to require the SAI documents that this instrument is a measuring instrument, and confirm that it should be like a passport for this appliance manufacturer and the relevant certificate for this type of product. The passport will allow, in particular, to ensure that this product was not originally a textbook or showpiece. When using the radar you must strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions. Important fixed radar or not, the distance to the object, delete, etc., approached Also on each dimension has a tolerance, minimal - 1 km / h. Therefore, before dismantling the traffic police have to carefully study the instructions precisely for this type of radar. Look on the Internet.

• Divorce Because not missed pedestrians

What to do?

Item 4.5 of the SDA: "... In the non-regulated pedestrian crossings pedestrians can walk on the roadway after estimate the distance of approaching vehicles, their speed and make sure that the transition will be safe for them. When crossing the roadway outside the crosswalk, pedestrians, moreover, should not interfere with the movement of the vehicle and out of the standing vehicle or other obstacle limiting visibility without making sure that there is no approaching vehicles .... " Article 14.1 says the duty of drivers' give way to pedestrians. " What does "give way" says SDA item 1.2 - "not to start, resume or continue the movement to carry out a maneuver, if it may force pedestrians to change direction or speed." Therefore, even if a pedestrian is on the crossing if you can drive so that it will not create interference you can go. In other words, if a pedestrian is just going to cross the road, it is not necessary to give. But as soon as he started moving at a pedestrian crossing, it must pass. Ask the inspector to invite pedestrians, and ask him for it was safe to move or not to tell him that if the transition was not safe, the inspector is obliged to write out a penalty on him. To prevent the inspector you can not because, he is obliged to notify all pedestrian according to Article 51 of the Constitution. After that, the pedestrian becomes your witness, and will knock butt to the chest that any interference you have not created it, or at least keep quiet.

• Divorce During the turn of the third row, while the sign indicated two bands

What to do?

First, in what sign? The sign "The number of bands" placed 50-100 meters from the intersection. Before rebuilding the crossroads prohibited. If there's a sign and stands, then this is the "direction of travel of the bands", but he does not specify the number of bands.
Secondly, any SDA Away audio band not numbered. Is the concept of the number of lanes, the extreme right and extreme left. And the concept of the first band, the second - this is not. Hence the logic of the answer: standing on the far left and turned. Who and how was my right - I do not care. Similarly, you need to answer if in the absence of markup before turning left according IDPS you drove into the oncoming lane: drove to the intersection first, stood in the left lane, and who like to get up on my right - it's your problem. In fairness, we note 16.1 SDA "truck traffic below the second band is prohibited." But how to count bars - the answer is nowhere. So to answer the question, what is "second line" is not possible.

• Substituting №1. "Hide and Seek»

How to throw?

The crew of cops stopped so that the patrol car and the inspector was not visible: behind the bus stop, in a roadside copse on the adjacent street. Another option is to hide - to open the trunk of the car to cover the main landmark - the flashing light. And the traffic police armed with radar and unnoticed for motorists speeding violators catches.

What to do?

Please ask for the protocol, such as hide and seek illegal. Although initially the "Administrative Regulations", introduced on 1 September 2009 allowed "in the implementation of traffic control with the use of technical means of fixing violations of traffic rules to use natural and artificial shelters." But later the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, referring to the Law "On Combating Corruption" (which states that government representatives should work "openly and publicly"), demanded to cancel the above-mentioned position, which was done by order of the Interior Ministry. Therefore, the driver would have to write a complaint, where the demand to stop the proceedings of an administrative offense, as inspectors have violated the law, and in accordance with Part 3 of Article 26.2. Administrative Code, is not allowed the use of evidence obtained in violation of the law.

Comment inspector:

"This is the most honest and the most popular way of earning our colleagues. It is understood that the unit will complain, and most would prefer to get rid of a bribe ».

• Substituting №2. "Breathalyzer» ''

How to throw?

Inspector offers the driver be tested for alcohol and breathalyzer - completely fake, set up to ensure that the necessary traffic cop show results. Such priborchiki appear so: the traffic police are buying or unpretentious "unofficial" or pricey "official" Breathalyzer, but also those, and others previously "reflash" to make any driver drunk.

What to do?

It is important to distinguish between what alcotester enjoys the traffic police - fake or real. This - sealed (and in the seal has the number), and believe, so the first requirement policeman must submit an original of the verification, where the driver should check the following:

The original document, not a photocopy;

having the seal - a real;

referred to in the document numbers coincide with the real number Breathalyzer and number on the seal. agrees with the document.

Inspectors' comments:

"So usually work at fixed stations and major highways, looking into traffic more expensive. The main thing - do not get lost! Because if a motorist is actively interested in the act of verification, and the inspector is working with lime alcotester, this driver release easier: extra problems nobody wants ».


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