Prior to his career

Many celebrities before reaching dizzying heights and become real stars did not little effort and time to change more than one job. We offer you a small selection of examples of the first professions of famous actors and musicians Quentin Tarantino did not graduate from high school, leaving her in 15 years and sitting working cinema ushers.

Typically, such a tanker at a gas station named Michael Douglas (Michael Douglas).

Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey), at the time, cleaning chicken coops.

Queen Latifah (Queen Latifah) has experience working in fast food.

Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani) to «No Doubt» and his career was the usual fashion designer moyschitsey floors in the restaurant «Dairy Queen».

An even greater range of work was in Whoopi Goldberg (Whoopi Goldberg). The actress did a make up dead in the morgue, built a house and was a bank teller.

Company employees engaged in telemarketing and Courier - Experience Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston).

Dream of working vet, and sell ice cream and sports shoes - the fate of Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts).

At a time when the trees were large, Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) worked messenger.

Imagine you go to the hairdresser, and there Danny DeVito (Danny DeVito) meets you and asks, "How are we going to cut?" Many years ago it was a reality.

Profession trainer was never conquered by Christopher Walken (Christopher Walken). Although he tried to work tamer tiger.

Lured restaurant in chicken suit, delivery refrigerators and limo driver - a track record of actor Brad Pitt

Jim Carrey worked as a janitor in a tire plant, as well as moonlighting as a security guard.

Warren Beatty to start an acting career working in a movie theater rat catcher

Viktor Tsoi worked as a fireman

Rambo rumored doorman, a bouncer at the restaurant and even shining cells in the zoo

Jason Statham in an interview, the actor said that the sport was his hobby and had to earn money by selling on the street perfume and jewelry

Adriano Celentano worked as an apprentice in a watch shop and wanted to become a watchmaker.

After high school, Constantine worked at the "Science" apprentice miller, apprentice draftsman and graphic designer.

Hugh Jackman worked circus clown named "Coco" and received the show $ 50.

Harrison Ford was a carpenter

Mick Jagger in his youth selling ice cream

Jennifer Lopez worked as an assistant in a law office.

Nicolas Cage was selling popcorn at the theater Fairfax while living in Los Angeles.

Johnny Depp sold pens by phone.

Renee Zellweger moonlighted as a waitress at a strip bar, while studying at the Faculty of Journalism.

Uma Thurman at age 15 ran away from their parents in New York, where he was washing dishes in the pizzeria.

Megan Fox has worked in the shop, dressing up in costume banana.

Steve Carell worked as a postman, carrying the morning newspapers.

Steve Buscemi worked for four years as a fireman in New York. September 11, 2001 helped disassemble the rubble of destroyed shopping centers.

Russell Crowe worked as a waiter

Al Pacino worked messenger, waiter, janitor, postman.

Amy Adams worked as a waitress to earn their first car.

Rod Stewart worked as a gravedigger

Alain Delon was a butcher

Viktor Loginov worked at the mine. Three years Loginov worked as a miner and later became a lifeguard. Pulled the victims after the blasts, eliminate the consequences of accidents and fires.

Kirill Andreev to the group worked Ivanushki International male model

Actor Orlando Bloom at the age of 13 years collecting plates for the shooting, in which did not get unlucky arrow

Singer Beyonce as a child helped her mother in a hairdressing salon, sweeping her hair after a haircut customers

Ozzy Osbourne worked in a slaughterhouse.

Actor Bill Murray has never worked as a coach, as shown in one of his film. Occupation in his youth he had a more prosaic - Bill chestnuts sold on the street

Vinnie Jones, a former English footballer (play for Wales), who after completing his sports career actor.

Jonathan Davis from Korn to start a stellar career worked in a morgue



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