Nonsense )

- Wild boar, wild boar, I - protein. How do you hear? Admission.
 - Squirrel, I hear you well. Where are you? Admission.
 - Boar, I fly for you, after you fly! How to get it? Admission.
 - Protein, Wild Boar, I do not understand why you fly with me? Admission.
 - Kaban, repeat the question! The question again! Admission.
 - Why did you, squirrel, fly me, Kabanov?
 - I do not know Boar! Order of the Ferret. How to get it? Admission.
 - Not you ... I do not understand! What Ferret, Squirrel? I Boar. Who is the Weasel?
 - Who is it? Admission.
 - Kaban, you woodpecker! How to get it? Admission.
 - I Got you, Squirrel. I - Woodpecker. I repeat the question about the ferret. Who is it?
 - Kaban, bitch, you're all zae ... l, fly forward in silence! Over and out.


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