Journalist - And talk about western culture, which captures all in our country. In the Public Chamber offer to refuse Halloween in Russia. That is October 31st. Just cancel it because numerous complaints alleged inhabitants of the regions. Apparently, some scary faces they see, do not know. It may, however, prohibit all this nonsense west?
YU.POLYAKOV - You know, it is not necessary to prohibit the western stuff. We have enough of their own nonsense. It should be promoted. We have, among other things, a sufficiently large pantheon of our different Bannikov, frights and so on, which the Russian people scared of each other, because the fear of evil spirits - is the specificity ... Remember the children were - the horror stories told?
Journalist - Yes, of course.
YU.POLYAKOV - This is a feature of human psychology, he himself should from time to time to scare. The goal is to scare our family, so to speak, impure, domestic. For this we need to promote. There is such a book, "Russian superstition, evil Russian" and so on. So I suggest to the deputies in this way, instead of having to fight with Halloween. A Halloween holiday can make our creative intelligentsia "Holuin."


Source: baanan.livejournal.com


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