Halloween 2012

In the US, Halloween is one of the most favorite holidays of stars. Dress up, have fun and scare (and in some cases, initiate) its view they are very, very even and very well liked. Most of the stars already was done on Halloween at various theme parties submitting their original outfits and not particularly, but not yet night, and until October 31, we will see a lot of interesting outfits. In the meantime, look at what's already there.

Lera Kudryavtseva Kim Kardashian remember this Halloween for a long time, because finally she was able to become a blonde, but still with a mermaid tail. This is probably the first and last time, but if you believe the records tweeted Kim do like her wig for $ 2,000 and a spectacular costume, complete with pearl jewelry and she is ready to go so every day. The star of "reality" is doubly pleased that her enthusiasm took on "hurray" boyfriend Kanye West - simple morjachok from a nearby port.

Christina Aguilera has always suited to the choice of costumes for Halloween thoroughly, but now she either mad, or too rhythm of life and a new outfit well sooovseeeem rash. She - the queen, her boyfriend Matthew Rutler - knight in shining armor. As much as I liked the voice of Chris, here it is before the vulgar, that I want to ask for a bowl. It is true she is happy and it pleases.

It seems we have already seen something similar in the past year, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio but still, after all this time she trump ace VS, where both models do not work hard at their beautiful bodies.

For the youngster, who next to Paris Hilton, she is certainly a fairy, because now this 21-year-old boy and envy, and sympathetic at the same time. The love between an Indian and Miss Hilton was born recently, but now it second youth, but that he ... self-interest is likely, although not claim exactly.

Hilary Duff bit confused with the Day of the Dead Halloween in Mexico, but it does not matter - suit fits both the first and second holiday.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley took all that bad lay in a locker and put on a party to celebrate Halloween. Jason Stethema next has not been noticed, but it stands out for his beloved through cellular communication, because in this way it can not accept the fact of who should be.

Julianne Hough in the image of Bonnie and Clyde who has his gun always somewhere next.

Hollywood cupcakes - Christina Milian.

Emma Roberts did not invent anything, and just to remind everyone of the movie "Pretty Woman", where her aunt Julia played a major role. Recapitulation think there is a lot of ...

Josh Duhamel and his wife Fergie's in the form of "eccentric from Los Angeles' Dennis Woodruff and his wife, Angeline.

Stacy Keibler in a black dress and a mask, hiding his face, at a party in Las Vegas.

The Incredibles Alba-Warren.

And now, gentlemen ...

P. Diddy in the image of Prince.

While Kourtney Kardashian is engaged children Disik Scott came to the party in the form of American Psycho.

Adam Lambert.

Tom Daley.


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