What is Halloween and what it eats

Halloween - a holiday of vampires, witches, ghosts and other evil spirits - which until recently was widely celebrated in the United States is only now gaining popularity in Europe and gradually covers the countries of the former Soviet Union. What do we know about this festival, where it originates?

For thousands of years, in October, different people celebrate different holidays and festivals. Halloween - one of the oldest festivals in the world. Its history goes back millennia, from the Celtic festival of Samhain, the Roman Pomona Day (goddess of plants) and Christian "All Saints' Day." In a strange way it combines the Celtic tradition of celebration of evil spirits and Christian - worship of all the saints.

Today, the ancient pagan holiday were funny fascinating traditions. On the night of November 1, decided to dress up in costumes of evil spirits and to arrange masquerades. For these amusements forgotten the ancient meaning of Halloween - a holiday intriguing, mysterious and mythical significance.

Across Europe, the night marked the transition to winter. It was believed that at that time the soul of the dead visit their former homes to warm themselves by the fire. They wander around, collecting donations of food and drink at the rest of the family. The souls of the dead could take various guises - the evil dwell in animals. Along with them are other dark forces of demons, goblins, witches. All evil forces down to the ground. To avoid falling prey to the shadow of the dead, the people quenched hearths in the houses and can be dressed up as a frightening - in animal skins and heads, hoping to scare away evil spirits.

On this night, all the barriers between our and the "other" worlds are eliminated, and opens the gates between them. So Halloween - it is also an attempt to understand the relationship between our worlds and otherworldly. The night of Halloween - a transition from one gate to another world. The gate in the winter in a cold world where all living things die, but at the same time preparing for revival, getting rid of all the excess, as the trees of foliage.


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