Jackie Chan. The most famous in the world of the patient

Here, in the head, I have a hole. She gagged plastic plug, so that the brain does not fall out, and now, when I sing, cork begins to vibrate.
PRODUCERS call me fearless, but you know what the liars are those producers.
WANT call me psycho - please. The main thing do not call me a fool.

After I make some kind of trick, I always look at the camera. People need to understand that what they just saw, I did, and not the understudy. For this reason, I always show failed doubles. Going to a movie like "Kramer vs. Kramer" people will never say, "Can you imagine, he starred in that bed scene without a stunt double." But militants - is another matter. Going out with them, people say: "Can you imagine, he did it himself - and alive!»
Fear lives in me until the camera is turned off. Once the camera to work, I'm ready for anything.
I could become the most famous DOCTOR IN THE WORLD, and became the most famous in the world by the patient.

One doctor told me, "You're killing yourself. Maybe it's time to stop? But me you still do not listen, ask yourself this question for yourself. " I listened to his advice and really ask yourself this question. I still do not know what to say.
I used to think that, without breaking a few bones, a good movie is not removed. Now I think it's still possible.
WHAT I already starred in two films hundred?
I would like to be the Asian Robert De Niro, if possible.

In the high-tech special effects, musical or we Chinese never will beat the Americans. But in some ways ... We once talked with Spielberg, and I admired the scene from "Jurassic Park", where humans and dinosaurs mixed filmed moving camera. And he said: "Well, it's very simple, Jackie. I have powerful computers. Tell me how you took the leap into the "Armor of God"? "I said:" It is very simple: turn on the camera, jump, shot ».
AMERICAN stuntman very clever. They are constantly thinking about safety, and if they have to fly in the frame on the car, they calculate everything - speed, distance. And here we are in Hong Kong are not able to assume. All our actions - this assumption. If you have the courage - you just do what you planned, and all.
Everyone wants to be Superman, but he seems to just want to be a man.

I want you to remember me, remember how Buster Keaton - fun and fearless.
GLORY - unprofitable product: is expensive and spoils quickly.
Do not try to be the same as I do. It is better to learn programming.

In my films there is a rule: no sex scenes. If children see how I'm doing this, they may vomit.
Cleaning - it is much more creative process than most people think.
I eat everything that I want. If you eat ice cream - just going to train for 20 minutes longer.

One who has taken a Coke and heard rap, never go back to traditional culture.
An old man in China is still believe that along with the food in the stomach to them gets ordinary street dust, which rests there for as long as you do not wash off her goose blood. But this is nonsense, nonsense! In my childhood, everyone said that if I want to grow wiser, I have to eat pork brains. And I ate because I wanted to take a tumble.
I have a dog and a whole pack of cats. Wife always says, "You spend more money on animals than on me».

MONEY yet no one could bring up correctly.
WHEN I sadness, I watch a movie with Bruce Lee.
Anyone who is better than me, I think a role model.
Sometimes I want to play a scoundrel. Then, finally, will be the first film in which I will be killed.

You never know at what point your body will tell you "stop».
If God exists, I hope, on the Day of Judgment he will take into account that I just wanted to make people happy.
I've got a problem: I hate violence.
Jackie Chan? Yes this is just a myth.


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