Our favorite Jackie

Today we want to tell you about the idol of children and adults around the world, one of the kings of the eastern rebels and just good guys - Jackie Chan.

Baby pictures of Jackie Chan

Jackie was born in a poor Chinese family. Father - Charles Chan (1914-2008) and mother -Lili Chan (1916-2002) .During his birth mother had to experience a cesarean section. And this process has cost US $ 200. They were large, even huge amount of money for the family. Therefore, pay the whole thing had to hire.

Photos from the young Jackie Chan

First was in elementary school ┬źNah-Hwa Primary School┬╗ .Here he felt very uncomfortable. Jackie childhood was slightly overweight boy.

Classes are given the results

He is one year he attended school, but could not pass certification. And at the age of 6 years old, the family moved to Australia, where the young Chan was sent to the school of Peking Opera. In addition to the training stage, the school gave the boy a great ability to control the body. Chan was fond of martial arts and kung fu.


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