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Today we want to tell you about the idol of children and adults around the world, one of the kings of the eastern rebels and just good guys - Jackie Chan.

Baby pictures of Jackie Chan

Jackie was born in a poor Chinese family. Father - Charles Chan (1914-2008) and mother -Lili Chan (1916-2002) .During his birth mother had to experience a cesarean section. And this process has cost US $ 200. They were large, even huge amount of money for the family. Therefore, pay the whole thing had to hire.

Photos from the young Jackie Chan

First was in elementary school «Nah-Hwa Primary School» .Here he felt very uncomfortable. Jackie childhood was slightly overweight boy.

Classes are given the results

He is one year he attended school, but could not pass certification. And at the age of 6 years old, the family moved to Australia, where the young Chan was sent to the school of Peking Opera. In addition to the training stage, the school gave the boy a great ability to control the body. Chan was fond of martial arts and kung fu.

His first role and $ 12 fee Chan received when he was 8 years old. Naturally, the fee was confiscated by dad in debt for expensive Jackie emergence into the light, but he was not offended. Opera School helped Jackie get stuntman in films. Film career future artist began at 8 years old, and, in the words of Jackie, for 10 years he has starred in 25 films.

Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

For a long time, Jackie Chan performed stunts in the films of Bruce Lee, it was even called "The Best of Bruce shadow", but Chan of this state of affairs did not like, though brought unprecedented by the standards of his family's money.

Stills from the film "Drunken Master" (1978)

In 1976, Jackie moved to his parents in Canberra, where he briefly attended Dickson College and a construction worker. In the late 1970s he began making films. He makes paintings plan entertainment - comedy with martial arts demonstrations and traditional street fights. Without knowing it, Jackie gradually formed a new cinematic genre in which work can not everyone. Chan in his films often risk their lives for the sake of the next trick.

Before he became known by the name of Jackie, used many aliases. Since he was born weighing about 5, 5 kg, the mother gave him the nickname Pao Pao ("Cannonball"). Then, in the opera school called Chan Yuen Lo in honor of his teacher. Until 1976 was known as Chan Yuen Lung. Then their Australian comrades was named Jackie. When Chan worked as a builder, he worked on the construction site a guy named Jack, and Chan for simplicity called the Little Jack, then the name metamorforizirovalos in just Jackie.

Still from the film "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" (1978)

The first successful project Chan was the film "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow." The film's director allowed Chan to invent tricks filme.Kino was created in the genre of comedy movie with martial arts proved highly successful comic duo Chan and Yuen Siu elderly actor Tien's father of the famous choreographer Yuen Woo action scenes Pina, and the film was quite innovative for the standards.

Stills from "Project A»

In the 1980s, he appeared in several films about the "Happy stars" in supporting roles. On the set of the "Project" A "" in 1983 formally established the Jackie Chan stunt team, with which he worked on the subsequent films.

Jaycee Chan - Jackie Chan's son

Around 1983 he married Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-jiao. After a time, in the same year they had a son Chiang Tszumin (Jaycee Chan)

Since 1984, Jackie has produced more than 100 songs on 20 albums. He sings in both Cantonese and Mandarin, Japanese and English. He also often sings the title song for his films, but with the release of a movie rentals in Europe and the US, these songs are usually replaced.

"Jackie Chan Adventures»

This success came after Chan picture "Rumble in the Bronx" in 1995. He became as much a guaranteed "otbivatelem cash" as Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Y. Recognition of the viewer got other work - "First Strike", "Stormbreaker", "Shanghai Noon". Successfully used the animated series "Jackie Chan Adventures", where Jackie after each series of answering fans' questions.

Nobody knows, but Jackie Chan - panda

Jackie claims to have created his image as opposed to the image of Bruce Lee and his many clones. Last played concentrated and brave fighters, and Chan - lazy, sometimes rustic, but good and strong guys are often at loggerheads with family, friends or the girls. Eventually, however, his characters always triumph, despite the difficulties.

During the execution of tricks he often gets injured, because of what listed as a black list of insurance companies around the world (during the end credits of his films usually show failed doubles and sometimes 1-2 scene of injury). The most deplorable consequences were on the set of "Armor of God" in 1986, when after falling from a tree Chan received a serious head injury and was literally on the verge of life and death.

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