As a young Jackie Chan fighting corruption and opposed China's largest crime syndicate

Jackie Chan - the most popular outside China Chinese actor. At home, he is also known, but this one time fame brought him more harm than good. Jackie Chan got the nickname "Big Brother", because often found himself involved in the affairs of others.

Such fame got him a relationship with the Triad, the largest organized crime syndicate in China. Triad has been a source of problems for many creative people of China and Chan decided to take action.

As you know, the Triad in the 1980s and 1990s had a huge impact on the Chinese entertainment industry. Ubiquitous Chan founded in Hong Kong Artists' Guild in order to create a united front to fight corruption. As a result, he gained many enemies.

Many times the life of Jackie is threatened, and often he was forced to carry weapons, sometimes even grenades. Eventually Triad lost much of an impact on the Chinese entertainment industry, and Jackie Chan in certain circles is still considered a hero.



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