Open letter to the President of the Russian Federation

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

To you, former senior lecturer of the Red Banner Institute of the KGB. Y. Andropov, the walls of which you have received higher education intelligence. I dare to hope that you remember me, because for two years listening to my lectures on practical exercises solved situational problems created by me, looked me shot training films, visited my "evening seminar." I even think that I should have remembered you not only as a teacher, but as a seasoned professional who has worked for ten years abroad, with which you want to take an example, and in some even imitate. This idea leads me to the fact that, as far as I know, that after meeting with me you began to wear a watch on his right hand like a lifetime I do. But if for me it is quite natural, t. To. I'm left-handed, right-handed, whom you are, it looks pretty unusual and raises some interest. Perhaps I am mistaken in this regard and it is only an accidental coincidence or a manifestation of originality, but I nevertheless admit such a possibility, as you, despite repeated and persistent attempts by journalists to clarify this issue, in every way avoided a clear answer.
During the six years of teaching experience through my hands, as they say, it took several hundred future scouts, but I remember you well, for two reasons: firstly, you started to study at the rank of major, which is extremely rare among students of the Institute; Secondly, you proved my "namesake" because I for admission to the 101st KGB school and you are twenty years later, when you are enrolled in the same school, who by that time the Institute on a student assigned one and the same "school" name - Platov.
Judging by your brilliant career, to anticipate that in the period of your study could have the most far-sighted visionary, received from my colleagues and I have knowledge not redundant and will stand you in good stead. As your former teacher, I was extremely proud when in 1998 you as a director of the Federal Security Service took part in the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, in the office I was working. I'm even more proud when you became Prime Minister, and almost burst with pride when people elected you president of Russia.
By the way, this event is related a funny episode. In the spring of 1999, I participated in a press conference for Russian and foreign journalists. All interested at that time the main question: who will succeed Boris Yeltsin as he resign? Responding to him, I honestly said he did not know who will be the next President of Russia, but I know exactly who will never have. And I have listed almost all the most popular Russian politicians of the time.
Surprised reporters persistently demanded to name the most likely, in my opinion, the successor to which I replied that the person's name is not known by anybody, even the Boris Yeltsin, but for me it is obvious that it will be a completely new and so far little-known people not belonging to the political elite. When after ten months of this forecast was completely justified, and you elect a president in the foreign press published articles alleging that, speaking at the press conference, I was cunning, but actually know how events will unfold, and who will be the president, because he was privy to the plan or even participated in the operation of Russian special services to promote the highest office in the country of the person.
Oddly enough, but after these absurd publications, I felt a certain personal responsibility for your actions as the President of Russia, as in fact had a direct bearing on your election to this high office.
All subsequent years, I, like all of your associates, with excitement and hope, watched as you were taken from the Russian deep systemic crisis as shoveled trash, you inherited a legacy of Boris Yeltsin, both parts were collected in pieces, mired in the fratricidal conflict and blood-stained country, how to strengthen the central government, as the rising from its knees Humbled and humiliated Russia, restored to its international prestige and influence in the world political processes. I have followed with interest your press conferences in Russia and abroad, welcomed your speech at the international events, when you firmly and consistently defended the interests of the our Motherland.
Not all of you have gone wrong, not everything at once, and as it was intended, especially in the economy, but it truly was a titanic work. You are in fact, as you once put it, "worked like a galley slave," and for all the costs it has brought undoubted positive results. Who would not say that, but it's no opposition, no one is your foe either in our country or abroad can not be put into question, because so intense with such dedication did not work, perhaps none of your predecessor, for At least in the last sixty years.
I sympathize with your separation from his wife, as in his time, too, experienced a similar farewell after a quarter century of married life, and also because of the excessive, but forced dedication to the detriment of the interests and well-being of families.
At the same time I was painfully your individual failures on the domestic political arena, but is particularly acute - mistakes made in the personnel policy. To them I attributed the appointment of Boris Gryzlov, the interior minister, the recommendation and the subsequent "election" S. Mironov, Chairman of the Federation Council, the appointment of Mikhail Fradkov Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, the appointment of the Minister of Agriculture Skrynnik, the appointment of a number of other ministers notorious names which are well known to the public, and therefore makes no sense to mention them.
But the apotheosis of this series of human errors was, of course, the appointment to the post of Minister of Defense A. Serdyukov, who, admittedly, his adventurous and incompetent actions not only caused enormous damage to our country's defense capability and combat readiness of our Armed Forces, but also created a hitherto unprecedented in government agencies corrupt group that for years has done a multi-billion hole in the budget of the Defence Ministry. I fully agree with those who suggest corruption in the agencies responsible for defense and security, equal to treason, with all the procedural consequences of this.
Your obvious mistake with this appointment is compounded by the fact that people in the know have been warning you about what "glory" A. Serdyukov and the harm it can cause the country. Unfortunately, you did not listen to them. Among other things, the appointment of A. Serdyukov was a serious political mistake. You do not take into account that you assigned the Minister of Defense will be the main player in the most sacred event for our people: to command a victory parade on the Red Square! Present even impossible outstanding generals Zhukov and Rokossovsky, and next to him a nonentity as A. Serdyukov! Great shame and humiliation for our country not seen since the drunken antics of Boris Yeltsin!
I'll take the liberty to advise you to take some responsibility for the actions of A. Serdyukov as defense minister and publicly apologize to the Russians for his shameful purpose. It's only you to add trust and credibility in the eyes of your supporters and foes deprive serious criticisms. And yet - you keep this promise, and not allow our most humane in the world of law enforcement softened dealing with the investigation of acts A. Serdyukov and his "Women's Battalion" (and such a prospect, unfortunately, can be seen more clearly!), And They lost all honor and conscience of the looters got what they deserved, in accordance with the Law.
I'm not going to talk about the separation of powers and independence of the judiciary. But it is no secret that your even a private opinion on the case will not remain without attention and is sure to be taken into account in decision-making process.
The history of corruption in the highest echelons of the Defence Ministry and in some other departments clearly highlighted one sad fact - is to fight corruption you suffer a serious defeat. Moreover, during the 13 years of your leadership of the Russian Federation (the presidency of your understudy Dmitry Medvedev does not reduce this term, t. To. You are in this period led by the Government of the Russian Federation) became a reality striking result of this struggle: Russian officials have ceased to steal! They began to loot! And everywhere in previously unimaginable scale!
As a lawyer in the first training, you do not need to explain what a difference there is between the secret and open theft of another's property, and how to vary the direction of tightening the sanctions for these crimes.
In China too, double flowers bloom corruption. But Chinese officials, unlike the Russian, still stealing, t. E. Are trying to secretly steal another's property because they fear severe punishment up to life imprisonment and the death penalty, and with the full confiscation of the stolen property. But Russian officials, despite the proclaimed and under your fight against corruption, have long ceased to be afraid of anything, and so shamelessly, brazenly and without fear of serious consequences of robbing the already poor country!
I think you will not deny the undeniable fact that over the years of your presidency, corruption has surpassed all imaginable limits, became a disaster on a national scale. There was not a single organization, no agency, no sphere of life in the state, including the system of law enforcement, defense and space, which would not be affected by corruption. It became apparent very unfortunate fact that no accident, no accident, no disaster is not without corruption. And as in the event of the causes of the state of emergency, and in the elimination of its consequences. Objective analysis shows that all acts of terrorism, hostage-taking, illegal migration, riots in Moscow and other towns, and many other negative manifestations somehow also involved in the corruption.
Until now, were you able to more or less successfully deal with many difficulties and problems in our country, and only the corruption not only can not win, but every year more and more aggravated by destroying standing all your already modest achievements in the economy, reducing thus out all your efforts to develop your country and undermining hard-won with great authority.
While working in the Russian Federation Council, I participated in the development of the Concept of national security of Russia and as an expert in this field, I can responsibly claim that at present corruption poses the most serious threat to the security of our country. In any case, much more serious than the threat of external aggression, from which we have much to defend. And before the corruption we still, unfortunately, are defenseless! And that is why the fight against corruption should not only be the focus of your attention, it should be a priority in your internal politics, and lead this fight should be very different than it is today. I'm sure you know as much about it told Russian and foreign experts, it is only necessary to realize the seriousness of the situation and to muster the political will.
That's all what I wanted to tell you. Of course, in those around you, my quiet voice polyphony difficult to hear, and my personal opinion is a little bit. Mayakovsky was right in saying that "the voice of the unit thinner than a squeak." But I also want my voice to be heard. You as well as I know how it is sometimes painful duty. But you also know that even more painful not to fulfill it.
Lacking a real opportunity to address you personally, I decided to take advantage of the newspaper, because I can assure you I'm not alone in their meditations about your role in the destiny of our country. So think of the millions of Russians, including veterans of the Service, work which you have given your youth and which is believed in the West, prepared and pushed you out of their ranks.
Now you come to the next crucial moment (how many there were and still will be!) Or you'll get in the fight against corruption radical change what you expect from your voters, or all could end very badly. And I would like to make it good, because everyone has to limit sick of almost daily media reports about another major corruption scandal.
During your administration of the country you have repeatedly argued that know how to respond quickly and decisively on critical attacks of your enemies. We hope that you will be able to respond properly and good wishes to your friends and associates.
I remain your faithful supporter Igor Prelin, a veteran of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Author: Igor Prelin 21.11.2013




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