Scientists have created a zombie cells that work better after death than live

researchers claim to have created the so-called "zombie" -cell who continue to work after they die. In contrast to the classic film of the dead, these cells perform their functions better than during his lifetime.

If you put cells in a solution of silicic acid, they gain the ability to withstand much higher temperatures and pressures than alive. Technically, this means that you can keep any valuable biological material, "transforming" it into a fossil.

Scientists believe that the zombie cells can be used in the commercial production of fuel cell, sensor technology, and in the future, possibly in nanotechnology. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to create a similar structure on the nanometer scale, at least 3D-structure of this kind could not do that.

Silicon since ancient times, known for its hard properties - it contains, for example, in sand and quartz. When living cells are placed in silicic acid, then acquire additional toughness. If the cells are heated to 400 ° C, the organic portion evaporated, and there is only "cast" - a copy of the previous bulk of the living cell. For the chemistry and biology of these zombie cells means you can create forms, not just similar to its living equivalent, but also capable of carrying out their work.



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