How to create a "Armour of God"

Painting "Armour of God" was published in the world rolled August 16, 1986. The project was filmed with the participation of Yugoslav filmmakers. It is in the Republic of Yugoslavia held the majority of filming chase scenes, climbing and visiting the caves of the monks. To create the film has been allocated exactly 15 million. Dollars, by the standards of the time for the cinema of Hong Kong and Yugoslavia is a very large sum of money.

Besides the impressive amount of money invested in the creation of the tape, "Armour of God" noted the very unfortunate incident. The fact that Jackie Chan stunt during the filming of one of the scenes could have died, suffered serious injuries. September 7, 1985 while working on an episode in which the actor jumped from the steep walls standing next to a tree, the actor received a serious head injury - on a tree branch broke off, for which tried to catch Jackie Chan. Training take successful, but the second time Chan was unable to repeat the jump. He broke from the five meter height directly on the stone hit him on the head fragment of skull bone entered directly into his brain caused by hemorrhage. Jackie Chan was admitted to the Paris hospital where the surgery due to the damaged part of the first class of the skull was replaced with a special plug. Consequences of the injury became hard of hearing actor: Chan with difficulty right ear hears. Filming process was stopped for a month - all this period Jackie Chan was recovering from injury.

Some time later, Chan returned to the set and continued work on the movie, but the consequences of the fall were clearly visible in the picture: a large and conspicuous scar on the head of the actor. Producer Raymond Chow on this score recommend Chan grow hair that could conceal the scar. It is for this reason that explains the different length hair actor: In the first episode of abduction sword Jackie Chan appears in the frame with a short haircut, but in escaping from the fortress of frames with a new discovery it can be replaced with long hair. The actor notes that this injury was in his acting career, the most serious, though his "track record" has about 200 injuries, of which over 20 are also among the serious, such as damage to the head, spine, bones of the face, edges, and not only . As a result, the actor took first place blacklists insurance companies.

This tape also participated stunt team of Jackie Chan that overrides some of the actors in the episodes with the action scenes. Thus, in the episode Fight girls with Jackie played the female stunt his group. If you look closely, the "reincarnation" of men in the girl clearly visible.

Besides fighting scenes and frames with car chases "Armour of God" are remarkable for its aerial stunts. One of them has been mentioned previously, but apart from him many viewers will remember the scene of landing on ... balloon in the air. In fact, this scene was created by mounting three doubles - Jackie Chan in the first parachute jump from a helicopter. The viewer can clearly see at this moment the approximate distance to the ground, which does not correspond to the place where he was shown a jump Chan. Next double - landing on the balloon. At the very end of the scene clearly shows that Jackie landed standing on the ground balloon: the shot hit the trees. The third double - Jackie climbs the rope in a ball floating in the air.

In addition to stunt innovation in the film Jackie Chan actively used techniques of product placement company Mitsubishi Motors: Chan rides a modified version of the Mitsubishi Colt - Colt Spider, assembled in limited quantities. Total for the film was produced in two models Spider, one of which was successfully detonated, and the second was sent to the museum. Also at the Mitsubishi Pajero SUV drove person pursuing Chan. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is actively cooperating with Jackie Chan and constantly provides for his shooting their cars. In subsequent studies Chan viewer will again be able to see the hero model in the fleet of the company, however, by 2005, the contract expired on advertising, but the actor is still true that automobile manufacturers and has a fleet of impressive collection of cars of this brand. Besides the cars in the film was lit and the legendary Soviet camera ZENIT, who at that time actively conquering the European market of photographic equipment.

Particularly noteworthy hire and various versions of the painting. Original ribbon for Hong Kong lasted 97 minutes, but after the successful establishment of a Jackie Chan film in the Western painting has undergone some changes that are taking place for the release of American audiences: it has been removed and changed some of the scenes for the purpose of unloading and accelerate the pace of the film. The original soundtrack was also replaced by another song. In addition to technical changes for the US was adapted one of the episodes: the liberation of Laura turns to Jackie called "Chan Kunsan," which is the real name of the actor, given to him at birth. "Kunsan" was replaced with the more familiar nickname - "Cowboy».

Filming started in 1985 and was almost completed in 1986, but since the injury Chan tape released only in late 1986. We also know that in the first part of the US box office came to the big screen is much later than the second, for this reason, there was some confusion in names. Some critics of the US noted excessive violence on the screen and show nudity, relegate verdict as rated R, but Europe has met the work more favorably.

The Hong Kong premiere project brought HK $ 35000000 equivalent to 4, 5 million. Dollars. Such cash charges "Armour of God" broke all previous works fees Jackie Chan. The result was the Labour nomination for the creators of the best statement of the action scenes in the premium Hong Kong Awards (1988). Already in the next part of the work of Jackie to receive this award.

A key figure in the painting became Jackie Chan. The project he was involved not only as an actor but as a stunt, screenwriter and, of course, the director. Beginning his acting career was pure coincidence, because fate has prepared him to a completely different life. He began as a stuntman, the first work in this role was the "Fist to Fist" by John Woo. Later Chan joined the group stunt Bruce Lee. Through this experience already by 1980 it reaches the level of American cinema, where it initially expected failures in movies and subsequent success in the craft comedian. Back home, Chan for a long time waiting for his stardom in Hollywood, who came to him only in 1998 with the role in the film "Rush Hour».

In the "Armor of God" Jackie Chan begins to create its own individual way of simple genius and a fighter is maneuvering on a tightrope between skyscrapers. In all his later works, he does not change his principles and always play good guys, though he often offered to play negative characters, but for fear of spoiling the image of stereotypes and he always refused such offers. This tape Chang pointed to its dynamic and interesting game. Many viewers will like the humor and sincere staging spectacular stunts. The role of "Asian Hawk" is interesting and unusual, even in modern cinema, few managed to create an interesting thriller with a spectacular mix of comedy and adventure part.


Once again Jackie Chan demonstrates his phenomenal abilities infinitely talented actor and director. Chan has long been known to a wide audience in the role of a great lover of martial arts, extreme sports and good humor. In this tape, he asked his bar interesting characters and amusing story - the invincible and elusive character, struggling with evil to save the innocent. Tape exactly deserves the attention of viewers, though the highest score you can not put a picture. In general, minor flaws Fade in mind the initial experience of directing Chan: he set a new standard of spectacular action movie, which was previously no one could be recreated.

"Armor of God" in all senses became legendary paintings of the late 80s. It combines all the advantages for which love Jackie Chan. To date, the tape continues to be the benchmark magnificent thriller featuring Asian actors Gripping story with beautifully laid fights instantly transports the viewer into the very epicenter of events.



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