Jackie Chan - on the verge of death (photo + video)


Almost all the tricks he performs himself. Without doubles, with minimum insurance.
If each of us would fit to their work with such dedication, the world probably would have been a little better.

List of all injuries of Jackie Chan, many of which could cost him his life, but by happy coincidence, he always survived.



1 The hand of death
During operation, the stuntman hit his head and lost consciousness. 1976

2 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
Hwang Jang Lee accidentally knocked one of Jackie's teeth. During shooting fight scenes Jackie accidentally touched his hand a sharp sword, that was supposed to be a dull blade. Blood flowed, and Jackie cried out in pain. Directed by thinking that it should be continued to shoot. In the film we see a real blood. 3 Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin
Deep cuts hand. 1978
4 Magic bodyguards
Broken femur. 1978
5 Drunken Master
He fell off the table, injured his eyebrow and the edge of the eye, almost deprived him (this was the result of plastic surgery on the eye). 1978
6 Dragon Fist
Damaged nose. 1979
7 Young Master
Broken nose is damaged throat almost choked. 1980
8 Lord Dragon
During the fall of a pyramid stunt seriously injured the back of the skull. Broken jaw, a broken lower jaw. 1982
9 Project A
As a result of falling from the clock tower was damaged spine, neck sprain, hurt his throat. Again, a broken nose and fingers. 1983
10 Defender
Broken bones of the fingers of his left hand and forearm. 1985
11 Police Story
During the slip from the post hung with garlands damaged pelvis, 6 and 8 of the thoracic vertebrae (his almost paralyzed) and scraped the skin on the palms. When jumping from the second floor was also damaged. Dodging flying in his chair, cut the back of the head. 1985
12 Armor of God
When you jump off the wall of the castle on the tree could not resist and fell on a rock, breaking the skull. Trauma base of the skull, a cerebral hemorrhage. As a result, the right ear hears the worse the left. This is a serious injury that nearly cost the life of Jackie Chan. 1986
13 Dragons Forever
Damaged ankle. 1987
14 Police Story 2
During the jump the window from a moving bus got cuts the face and head. Face burned during the escape from the burning factory. 1988
15 Miracles
When the flip-flop of the rickshaw was a deep cut left eye. 1989
16 Armor of God 2
If you fall from a height of hooked foot behind the iron chain, resulting got a sprain and a dislocated hip. After falling to the ground with the chain injured sternum, he broke several ribs. 1991
17 Twins dragons
Damage to the head, the pieces of the pope. 1992
18 Police Story 3
The displacement of the zygomatic bone. I do not have time to avoid it flying a helicopter, resulting in injured his shoulder and back. 1992
19 City Hunter
If you fall while skateboarding injured his knee and leg lift, and got a sprain of the right shoulder joint. 1992
20 Crime Story
When you jump between two cars Jackie got caught and he broke both his legs. 1993
21 Drunken Master 2
When filming the final battle, backing away on burning coals, burned hands. 1994
22 Thunderbolt
Broken femur. 1995
23 Rumble in the Bronx
If you jump off a bridge on a hovercraft he injured his thigh bone, shin, ankle, broke his left ankle, was an open fracture of the toes. Finishing the shooting, Jackie put on socks plaster, painted under the shoe. 1995
24 First Strike
Smashed the front of the jaw, broken nose and mouth. 1996
25 Mr. Nice Guy
Damaged neck, when the jump from the bridge into the third broken nose. 1997
26 Who am I?
Damaged ankle and ribs on the left side of the body. 1998
27 Rush Hour
I will go down on the red canvas fried ass. 1998
28 Shanghai Noon
Taking in his mouth a piece of soap to blow bubbles for a while lost his voice. If you fall from the tower, fought off the fifth point. 2000
29 Accidental Spy
The lump on his head and a bruised chest while jumping from the escalator cut the index finger of his right hand. Damaged cartilage coccyx, which led to a temporary paralysis of the lower body. 2001
30 Rush Hour 2
In the scene where Jack climbs up a bamboo forest, he slipped and injured his leg. Sticks were wet because of the recent rains. 2001
31 Tuxedo
In the scene where Jackie slides down the chute, he injured his popliteal joint. 2002
32 The Twins Effect 2003
He injured his leg while filming a stunt where Jackie hanging from the traveling vehicle. 2003
33 Medallion
Breaking the face of metal cable when shooting the final scenes. He burned his hands during a jump through a flaming curtain. 2003
34 Shanghai Knights
Damaged spin. 2003
35 New Police Story
Damaged hand when shooting descent from the wall of the building in handcuffs. Heavily burned his hands while performing tricks on a burning rope. 2004
36 Around the World in 80 Days damage the eyes, face and legs.
Myth 37
During filming battle scenes with horses he injured his back, fell from his horse and injured his leg while filming other scenes of combat bayonet pierced his hand. 2005
38 Rob-B-Hood
When climbing on the wall of a building damaged nose. As a result of the fact that one of the stuntmen wearing the wrong shoes, too much hit Chan in the chest, was damaged cartilage chest. 2006

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