"Chebureki kefir"


1. In a bowl pour the yogurt, add egg, salt. Beat with a fork. Gradually add flour and interfere.

2. When the dough will be thick. put it on the table and knead the dough medium (not cool, not soft). Leave it for 20 minutes on the table.

3. Filling: Filling classic. Minced meat, spices, lots of onions and plenty of water or broth. Stir. Stuffing should be watery.

4. Cutting: Divide dough into 10 pieces (or as you wish).

5. Each piece of roll into the middle put a spoonful of filling. Cheburek form, the edges to avoid emerged juice, roll the rolling pin. Trim the excess dough cutter.

6. Fry in hot stretch. oil on medium heat on both sides until golden in color.


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