Military Department for what it is

The first day of the military department. First we were sent to the cadet barracks for information. The lieutenant tells us everything and shows.
Students do not pay us any attention and Lieutenant, we are seeing the light hazing among cadets. Most of us did not have before this experience with the military, so the first day we were in a state of shock. In general, I firmly believed to the department that "the military insanity" - a fiction, jokes. And Lieutenant continuous stream rushed these "Army marasmus" type:

"The rag must be dry, but moist»
 "There has to be triangular numbered quadrangular»
 "There should be a circular hole 10 to 10»

We stood and did not know how to react, until recently hoping that it turns out that he is above us so cunningly pinned.

Next Lesson - "artillery fire" theory.
 Topic - ranging. Formula D = a * L
 Task №1. D = 20; 3. Find a = L. On the task 10 minutes. "Who was the first decides report».
 We looked at each other in disbelief. Showered with answers in the hearing. Colonel moment did not react. And then:
 6.7 - Wrong! 6,667 - Wrong! 6.666666666 - Wrong! 6 and 6 in the period - not true! 20/3 - Wrong! 6 and 2/3 - Wrong!
 We surrendered. The correct answer is - 6.67. We are terrified, even though such an option no one voiced.
 The first lesson we have been - in the military the exact answer is not necessarily correct.
 Problem №2, 3. Unknown D, a. Again integers. And again - 10 minutes on the solution of a problem.

Occupation of the topography. "Fellow student, report the maximum distance at which the possible stereoscopic vision." I decided vystebnutsya - 1.3km. "Wrong answer. 1300 meters »

Very quickly, the military found out that students somehow mysteriously almost instantly solve the problem with remarkable accuracy.
 We honestly admitted - calculators do not make mistakes. Military thinking banned calculators and forced to multiply by a slide rule. We all passed the damn line. When we asked why this idiocy, if you have calculators, we have received: "Just imagine a nuclear explosion.
 All electronics nastebnulas nafig. And you took PRK arm and FSUs ... l! »
 (PRK - Device for the calculation of the proofs - a metal plaque on which to draw)

Everything is relative. Lieutenant Colonel in the "firing" some stupid raskazyvaet across Asians. "I say to him - ing. student, that you divide 5 by 2 can not ?! And he told me - no, Comrade. Colonel, you can not fool me - 5 2 is not divisible. "


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