Not lucky girl ... =)

He met once with a girl from his institute.
 First called up, copied, and then began to meet, in principle, everything is as usual. When the relationship became very close, she began to talk about how she was a little girl went to school and all the cases. One day after school, she was either dancing, or painting, the shorter nonsense. Time between classes was not enough, so she quickly ran home, changed clothes and decided to whip up a meal.

Make yourself a sandwich sickly, she became his bite, but he got more than his mouth. With a little effort, it is harder razyavilas and shoved him. But his mouth is not closed. He says that something clicked in her and everything, there is not any here. One tongue is hanging out. It is necessary to solve a problem like that. She calls her father wants him to take her to the hospital (probably from the shock of the brain stops working). I call and tell nchiego can only moos. She had to write him a sms to explain. All ended well.

They brought her to the hospital, a doctor somewhere either pressed felts just hit the jaw and fell into place. But since then it has become such a problem occur regularly, a little wider open mouth and all ... Khan ... We have to beat yourself in the face ...

Then she met a guy ... began flowers, candy ... it's time for passionate kisses ... he hugs her waist, which she says is hot, gently kissing her on the lips, she answers ... all right. Apparently in a fit of passion and excitement, she forgot her jamb again razyavila mouth ... it was their first and last kiss. This guy has not been able to recover from laughing, she said whinnying like a horse, with snot and saliva. And it is at this moment trying to straighten the jaw, but she could not. Imagine the scene in the street laughs wildly folded in three deaths guy and a girl standing in front of him with his mouth wide open and rage strikes female self in the face ... Now the girl brought the technique to automatism straightening jaws and boldly kisses with whom he wants to.

when she had with me this trouble has occurred, he almost died, how pyzhylsya do not know who, but he restrained himself brought up ... damn ... and then nothing, used ...

Sam learned to reduce a ...


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