Without friends, Sweets and Meats - How children live in families with Extreme Parenting

Digging thoroughly in mind, nearly every certainly find a couple of cases of childhood, associated with bitter resentment toward their parents. Some will remember how they were forbidden to overeat sweets for the New Year, others - as a left without the coveted bike ... Believe me, all these grievances do not go to any comparison with the fact that we have to experience the heroes of a new survey Anews. These are children who are brought up in the conditions of the most incredible limits.

< The girl who never ate sweets

In the photo below - baby Grace from Brisbane. Due to her mother's girl from birth sitting on a special diet, which excludes sugar.

While peers Grace (now she is a little more than a year) gladly devours peach and apple puree, girl eats boiled vegetables, herbs, eggs, meat and fish.

For example, for breakfast the woman usually gives the child a fried egg in coconut milk, vegetables or stewed potatoes, another alternative - broccoli. For lunch, baby Grace can get fried chicken and steamed vegetables. But at dinner - spaghetti bolognese (although instead of the usual pasta squash noodles used in this dish). During the day as a snack child receives different fruits.

According to his mother Grace Shana Cooper, because such food her daughter developed a special immunity. As she told reporters The Daily Mail, for his yet short life, girl was ill only once. Grace's parents hold the exact same diet.

Cooper Family while shopping in a supermarket products

However, she promises in the future, when the daughter becomes independent, not forcing it to your diet. "When she grows up, it will be able to decide for themselves how to eat it", - assured woman

. By the way, a similar opinion to the child's diet and adheres to American singer Beyonce. The actress also prohibits their three year old daughter has a sweet tooth.

The only delicacy, which can get hold of the pop star's daughter - thinly sliced ​​fruit slices

Vegetarian necessarily

. Much less fortunate with a diet with a baby picture below. In this photo, the boy only 6 months old, but already at this age it is in excess learned what it is - to have a rigorous and inflexible in their beliefs parents


The boy's mother - a strict vegetarian. From the first days of life the son of the woman put him on a vegan diet, which excludes, in particular dairy products.

Because of the special feeding the boy was taken to hospital, and his mother - the police station. During the conversation with the guardians of law and order, the woman said she did not want to hurt his son, but only tried to raise it vegan addiction at an early age. To be more precise - instead of regular infant formula boy received an alternative version without the animal fat. According to the instructions, this product should only serve as a supplement to breastfeeding, but the woman made vegan mixture is the main source of baby food.

Due to the incident the young mother temporarily deprived of parental rights. Later, however, she was able to convince the court and the guardianship in their desire to improve, and the boy went home.

The girl, who no one is friends

This 4-year-old Ukrainian woman Anna Maria. In the picture depicts a girl next to her mother Valentina Podverbnoy. A woman is considered to be the most elderly mother in Ukraine. This year, she was 70 years old. Daughter pensioner gave birth in 2011 using artificial insemination.

Elderly mother - not the only thing that little Anna-Maria is not like their peers. Unlike other 4-year-old tots living in the county, the girl not only does not go into the garden, but simply no one speaks. Only one child - my mother

. Friends of Anna-Maria there is not through their own fault. With peers girl does not talk because of my mother: a woman simply does not admit anyone to the child. The only exceptions are social workers and local therapist, visited by an elderly mother and the girl several times a month. Neighbors called the child succinctly - "unsociable»

No makeup, friends and school

. Rigorous methods of education, encountered Sasha Loguntsovoy from Sakhalin, do not go to any comparison with the above case. When she was 6 years old, her mother, Tatyana Fedorovna, I decided it was time to begin to raise a daughter, "special rules". The woman left her job in his native village, took the girl and moved to the Nizhny Novgorod region. At the new place of Sasha's mother decided to leave the monastery in Diveevo, but before it put a condition: before her daughter was about to turn 18 years old. Wait for Alexandra age woman decided at the monastery - settled in a dilapidated wooden house with a Russian stove

. Based on a new place, she burned all documents daughter, forbade her to leave the house without the need, there is a sweet and communicate with their peers. When she was 13, she was the first time in my life went out of the house without permission - met with local school children and even tried to make up

. Sasha in the garden of the monastery

Three years later a visit to Sasha to come back in her older brother with the father. When he learned that his sister-in-16 are not able to properly read or write, a man decided to take the girl with him in Voronezh. Under pressure from the mother abbess allowed to take away from the village of Sasha.

Settling in Voronezh brother's family, the girl recovered documents and externally graduated from high school (for the first time at the desk Sasha got in 16 years!).

In one of his last interviews, she admitted: "My mother did not come to terms with the fact that I got a passport. And she said that sooner or later I will come back to the monastery. »

Now Alexandra 27 years. To come back to the mother to the convent she does not plan to.

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