20 as a strong people:

1. They look for and find opportunities where others throw up their hands.
2. They take lessons from what others believe in failure.
3. They take informed decisions.
4. They are constantly and consciously erect road to success, while others are waiting for the success to find them myself.
5. They are afraid the same as everyone else, but do not let your fear control them. Fear - it's just fear.
6. They ask the right questions - those that exhaustive answer.
7. They do not complain - it is a waste of power.
8. They do not shift the blame. They take full responsibility for their actions and the results.
9. They do not necessarily have a fantastic talent, but always find a way to make the most of the existing potential. They demand more from themselves.
10. They are busy, productive and punctual. In all places where everything just sit back, they pretend to work and reason - they work.
11. They gather like-minded people - there is nothing that helps to achieve the goal, as a cohesive team.
12. They ask themselves - why not me. This allows you to not go with the flow.
13. They know what they want to see their life and make it so, while others simply look at your life from.
14. They do not imitate, and look for new ways.
15. They did not lay, so - do not spend their lives waiting for something.
16. They learn life. Any life experience - it's a lesson.
17. They are optimistic, but because they see the benefit of all.
18. They do what they need, regardless of how they feel at the moment.
19. They take the risk - financially, emotionally, professionally and psychologically.
20. They do not go away from the problems and turn to face them.


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