Renata Litvinova. Arguments about beauty.

"Your beauty is your inner world, and how did you work on it, how are you to store, what do you have in the culture, and the way you look»
"You have to admire each other, to say the person that he is talented, beautiful. Why save on mutual admiration? After all, life is so short, we are all candidates for the dead. »

"Beauty is always individual, there are no canons, it is permissible madness dissimilarity anyone. Beauty is always divine, there is God. Beautiful people are never arrogant, they are always friendly and warm, they do not mind a smile, a kind word, to make continual effort to speak friendly tone. »

"O woman, they pearl, shimmer faces ... Well, when a woman is different».

"Beauty, peaking, always striving for self-destruction. The peaks beauty last someone a moment in my life, someone year, and someone for life at the peak of beauty ... The same beauty that you do not want to find an explanation, and it is so obvious - this is the very peak ... "


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