Drunk Bondarchuk made a stir in the stellar get-together

The well-known actor and director comes out rarely, but neatly. At the award ceremony the network of fitness centers known cultural figure was, to put it mildly drunk.
Famous guests - who with horror on the face of anyone with a forced smile - watched cheeky behavior of the famous dynasty.

Awards ceremony for achievements in the field of fitness has traditionally attracted the most-stars. Most of them are trained in the elite clubs on favorable terms, so do not deny their owners and are present at the annual event. So this time, the number of well-known people in the eyes dazzled.

Tina Kandelaki, accompanied by her husband Andrew Kondrakhin again experimenting with her image. Dressed in a low-cut dress presenter demonstrated that it forms no less magnificent than that of Jeanne Friske. Ksenia Sobchak, though bestowed at the ceremony together with his beloved Dmitry Savitsky, diligently pretended that they barely know, and prefers the company Andrey Malakhov.

She graced the reception and Renata Litvinova. However, the actress who can hardly be suspected of love for fitness, came most likely to look at her close friend Zemfira. That concert "girl-scandal" was supposed to be the main gift to wealthy guests. Indeed, the performance Ramazanova (it cost the organizers expensive - $ 70 thousand) revived overstayers guests - artists frantically danced under her songs, and Litvinov (yet again) enthusiastically watched from the audience for Ramazanova.


More lively than Zemfira, introduced unless Fyodor Bondarchuk. When it was still possible to see Fyodor so welcoming and friendly, and to hear from his lips as declarations of love! Once on the scene (to give one of the prizes), Bondarchuk hastened to declare openly about how he loves all.

 - Zhanna Friske! I love you so much - the director shouted in the hall.

 - Let us all love each other! - From the heart called guest director.

After these words have no one in the audience was no doubt that Fedor in pretty drunk. And stop caught courage Bondarchuk was difficult even master Ivan Urgant. The director did not want to leave the scene, he called to all the famous friends - take a picture, tore the microphone to say something else, but not in time. In general, I do everything to remember for a long time guests of the ceremony.

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