Woman of the Year Glamour

Compared to the Hollywood social life of our capital is modest and boring, but there are measures that are worth paying attention to. So, a few days ago at the State Theatre of Nations was held award ceremony "Woman of the Year", which is held the magazine Glamour has the 7th consecutive year. I propose to turn our gaze to the red carpet event and learn the names of the lucky owners of winning, especially since the victory in the most prestigious category again won the 2005 Woman of the Year.

Well, start with the winners!

"Woman of the Year" for the second time became Natalia Vodianova. This year, Natasha starred in the first movie, has helped hundreds of children through his charity fund "Naked Heart" and, of course, shone on the catwalks of the world. For the red carpet, our model has selected a magnificent black dress with a simple bodice and full skirt with lace peplum. The makeup and hair Vodianova as always adhered to a minimalist, trying only to emphasize their natural beauty. Image Natalia once again proves that beauty - simplicity.

Selecting Nyusha, which became "Singer of the Year", fell on the evening dress with the decor of shimmering sequins. Shaped and decorated along unremarkable and uninteresting (those we see on every red carpet), but the coffee color looks original. In the end, no shades of brown are very popular in the evening fashion, that's why interesting.

"Actress years" - Oksana Akinshina.
Initially, Oksana was moving in the right direction until it decided to supplement the volume jacket coat-skirt of the same volume on the floor. Moreover, both of the garment were equally black, and before us is not an easy and petite girl, and severe overweight woman. As soon replace skirt on tight pants saturated hue or powdery medium length dress, and the image would have been saved.

Awards in the category "Sportswoman of the Year" was awarded female wrestler Natalia Vorobiev, who won a gold medal at the London Olympics. On the red carpet Natasha appeared in a green satin dress with contrasting color transitions. The obvious disadvantage attire proved its fabric - satin often unattractive because very jams (especially seen in bright tissue). But the advantage was his dress style, thanks to which our champion looks tiny ... than to fight on the mat.

I think it is no surprise would be the fact that the "Designer of the Year" was chosen beautiful Ulyana Sergeenko. 2012 Uliana became very successful - its haute couture collection at Paris Fashion Week was a resounding success. Style Ulyana's great and not afraid of the word, unique! Her feminine dresses with fluffy skirts flying, seasoned accessories in style a la Russe, very admirable and go to her mistress.

"Fashionistas of the Year" ceremony, the organizers recognized Elena Perminov. Personally, I like this girl known for her marriage to the oligarch Alexander Lebedev, who was accompanied by his wife at the event, and quite original outfits that not everyone will be thrilled. Take, for example, that this pantsuit. Personally, I really like the color, detail, finish and extravagant accessories that framed it, but it is not like a metallic fabric that gives cheap.

Another girl in a pantsuit - Hope Mikhalkov, who along with her husband Rezo Gigineishvili was named "Couple of the year". I really like the selection of Nadi, but with only one amendment - red suit, combined with contrasting blue shirt came over to the dark-haired girl, and not a hope, homely appearance of which is lost in the background of the lush ensemble.

The image of Maria Andreeva, who received the award in the category "Debut of the Year" for her role in "Duhless" was very soft and romantic, but not without originality. The idea to unite in a shorter dress jacket and long skirt smoky muted shades I like it, though without The cutting collar today could well do without.

The star of the evening, no doubt, became Irina Shayk, which postponed all his work in the United States, to personally receive the award for "Model of the Year." To pass the red carpet il chose a win-win - a shimmering black dress with a plunging neckline, open back and train. The dress looks fine, but I do not think we'll remember the image of our model for a long time - there were clothes and better.

"Diva of the Year" Renata Litvinova really surprised me choice of dress, because in this dress with exactly the same accessories she has already appeared on the red carpet of the Rome International Film Festival a few days ago. If you do not take into account the replay, then the image of Renata came out interesting, though voluminous puffed sleeves were too heavy on the fragile shoulders of the actress.

Photos from the red carpet of the Rome International Film Festival.

The award in the category "Paralympic year" deservedly won swimmer Olesya Vladykina. A few years ago in a car accident Oles lost his left arm, but it did not stop her at the Olympics to win several gold medals and set several world records. After these words a bit silly to discuss outfit in which Vladykina posed for photographers on the red carpet, so I'll just say that Olesya looked beautiful in a white dress with black lace trim.

Awards "Man of the Year" was awarded Svetlakov Sergei, who arrived at the ceremony, accompanied by Vera Brezhnev. Sergei satisfied suit minimalist style with a thin black tie, and Faith, on the contrary, decided to hit the audience with a sumptuous evening gowns of black velvet with a neckline on the back and a loop of heavy lace unusual earth tones. In my opinion, Brezhnev outfit can be called one of the best at the ceremony «Glamour».

To be continued…


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