To desire to be filled!

1. Formulation.
The more clearly you define exactly what you want, the better. Do not use negation, not to think about what you do not want, and only what you want. For example, not "do not want to get sick" and "I want to be healthy," not "I do not want to be fat," and "I want to be slim».

2. Drill.
For example, you want to lose weight. Now you have all the details to see how it will happen. On a sheet of paper, write something like an essay on this subject that you become slim, feel free to walk along the beach in a bathing suit, I began to feel better, and in the stores always have your new small size.

3. Present.
Opinions about this from the experts were divided, but many of them are recommended to formulate a wish not in the future tense, but in this - as though you already have. For example, not "I want to get a job" and "I'm on the road to employment", ie your desire is already beginning to take place.

4. Expanding the boundaries.
It is not necessary to formulate a desire as "I'm on the way to buying a car." What if you win the car in a lottery, or someone close to you decides to give? Therefore, it is better not to impose restrictions in the form of "I want to buy, find, recover," etc. Who knows which way you will get the desired item.

5. Visualization.
Once past stages imagine yourself in the future, where your wish come true. For example, would you like a new apartment: imagine how you live in it, wake up in the morning, going to work, to meet the guests, etc. All the details, imagine the interior of the apartment around you who you are near. Think of it every day.

6. Waiting.
Remember that desire is fulfilled not by magic, and so time is required for its execution. Do not wait for tomorrow or in a week you for no reason at all will go on tour in Europe. Just continue to perfect your will: articulate, detailed and imagine.

7. Execution.
The most important thing is not to miss the chance. It is quite likely that you will be offered the job of your dreams, or a handsome man will come to meet you, and you for some reason scared and refuse. Do not be afraid and always use your chance.


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