Desires, which in fact have thought forms ...

Desires, which in fact have thought forms, frequently repeated in the images you really tend to execution. But there are some nuances, which I will discuss.
1) The desire depends on the energy you put into thinking about it. The more you think about it, the more you visualize desire, that is, think about it in the present tense, as already come true, the more likely its execution. Mental energy is strong. Thought is material because it is imprinted in your aura and
after some time of being implemented. BUT. Incarnation may be different. More about this later.
2) Implementation of desire depends on many factors:
Firstly, on which you are the man himself - striving for development, light, honest, optimistic, or vice versa,
envious, negative thinking, with a large threshold internal aggression. Based on the characteristics of your personality to your
aid of appropriate forces Egregors who will take up the fulfillment of desire. Egregors feed your
energy, ie, those flows vibration that you radiate. If you light a man will come to you bright, well-Force Egregors and help fulfill the desire. If you reach for low vibration, you will probably pomogutTemnye Egregors who do just do not do, and then you will be charged retribution. If this is expressed in religious terms - you can help the Angels, Saints, or devils, demons.
That is why the important inner, spiritual, personal growth of each individual. Then the dark forces will not be able to control you, because you will be under the protection of Light Forces.
Second, the wish-fulfillment depends on your own power of thought, Realizabelnosti Thought that in the personal horoscope is determined by the position of the planets in Taurus and Capricorn and configurations between these planets.
To find out, you need to seek the advice of astrologers, it will help you understand and define your personal power of thought.
And third, the implementation of the plan depends on the desire of higher powers, God in your destiny. Each person in your life is to solve specific tasks to perform basic purpose for which he was sent here. If your desires coincide with the Plans of higher powers, or at least does not interfere with your primary mission in the world, they can be filled.
Life goals are different, they are, by the way, can also be clearly seen in the personal horoscope.
Often, many people come into this life to atone for the sins of the past, or some kind of sin. They have a hard life and their personal wishes will be fulfilled only when it will go on the Shining Path, and his humility, kindness, and will atone for the sins of the past debts.
3) To wish come true, it must be able to let go ... first need some time to think about it, visualize it, pray Light Forces to help fulfill it. And then, when you have poured in enough energy (thought forms, emotions) in the flow of the subtle world, it is necessary for some time to forget about this desire.
Release fate desires to the will of God, to entrust it to Him, and to relax, to live their normal lives ...


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