Do not sit down to drink tea with evil MAN

"The fact that water has a memory, it is not necessary to prove to anyone right now. On this subject, written many books, scholarly articles, filmed movies. What can I say, if the Epiphany water is a year or two, and does not deteriorate, and even has healing properties. To explain this phenomenon can only be recognition of the fact that the water is able to record the information.

Even in ancient times people knew that the water carries the information: "Do not sit down to drink tea with a wicked man»

. Water - a kind of magnetic tape, which writes all the information that comes into contact

. Traditional healers water began to speak, and it treats water rights. Witches and wizards read over water their evil plots, and then pour the neighbors under the threshold. So a neighbor gets to the threshold, and then suddenly start him for no apparent reason, his feet hurt or refuse, and no one can help.
Why do people say that the damage suggest (on the water), the conclusion that root of the word - water

. And every woman knows that if the food to cook in a bad mood, that is, it will not be possible. And if you cook food with love, the man from the plates and the ears are not ottyanesh.

And the man, in fact, 70-80% of water. Scold us pokrichat, curse, and we feel bad. They tell us words of love, praise, thank, and we immediately blooms.

If you put a glass of water in front of the TV, all the negative that they show, written on water.

The water we drink, remember everything that come into contact: everything slop poured into a reservoir, from which there is a fence, rusty pipes, through which it flows, loader mats that discharged it at the store, the emotion of the seller, which let us to the water ie water - a living being in some sense

. The memory effect of water has long been entered into medical practice. Homeopathy today - an officially recognized method of treatment. Homeopaths dissolved drug in such insignificant concentrations that a bucket of water is just a few molecules of the drug.

Masaru Emoto, a famous Japanese scientist, demonstrated clearly in the course of his experiments, that the water can absorb, store and transfer human thoughts and emotions. The shape of ice crystals formed when water freezes, not only depends on its purity, but also varies depending on the kind of over this water play music, what it shows images and pronounce words, and even from thinking about her people or do not pay attention to it.

So, how to purify water from all the negative information and record it positive that the water acquired medicinal properties?
Thought forms for cleaning and charging of water:

1. Put a glass of water in the palm of his left hand and right hand cover with a glass top.
2. The power of the mind begin to transfer energy from the hands into the water, said to himself or aloud the following words, thought forms:
3. I run the program neutralization of harmful chemical additives, salts of heavy metals, which are in the water.
4. The water is required to normalize my health composition of salts and trace elements.
5. All pathogens, bacteria, protozoa and other parasites neutralized with this water.
6. This programmed water to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, pathogenic bacteria and other parasites.
7. Pass the water positive emotions of love and gratitude, put a positive intention, for example, "Water - give health, give power, give energy, restore my health, raise up every cell of my body!»
8. Use your imagination, write down the information on the water, which will be for you the most suitable, for example:
I program the water at the purification of the vessels in my body.

On the restoration of vision.
On absorption of glaucoma, cataract.
On the restoration of my heart health.
On the recovery of potency.
On removal of sand in the kidney, joint salts.
On the resorption of the tumor, fibroids, cysts.
On the removal of a tooth or a headache, etc.
ALL THAT YOU STRONGLY with faith let slip WATER TO and write. »

You can just tell the water: "I love you. I thank you, "just say no to the mind and soul, heart!

Drink this water, and restore your health!

Why can not I drink tea with a bad person ...

Change the time of reception of water ... this is very important. Information from the cardiologist!

Drinking water at certain times to maximize their effectiveness in the body:
2 glasses of water after waking up - helps activate internal organs;
1 cup of water for 30 minutes before a meal - helps digestion;
1 glass of water before taking a bath - Helps lower blood pressure;

1 glass of water before you go to bed - to avoid stroke or heart attack
I can also add to this ... My doctor told me that the water while sleeping can prevent nighttime leg cramps. leg muscles are looking for hydration when they cramp and wake us.
The cardiologist said that if everyone received this letter, send it to another 10 people, probably one life can be saved!

One day I came across a very interesting little book, in which it was written that all the utensils in the house should be at least once every six months to sanctify. At first I did not attach any importance to this, but later heard more about this and other sources.

I was wondering how it is done.

Took 3 white candles (preferably thin), and a bowl of water. First you need to light candles and place them on the table in the form of a triangle in the middle of a put a bowl of water and say 3 times:
"On the side of the back four clones light force on Protection request, seeking blessings. Force, bright, Come, bless my utensils to bring good food, the evil underground was carrying. So be it! »
After this charmed water should be sprinkled on all the dishes in the house, including pan, pots, pans. Candles should be put out and removed.

author Irina Boldin


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