Sunny Griffin (Sunny Griffin) on the living power for more than 40 years.

"Personal experience veganosyroedov»

Sunny Griffin (Sunny Griffin) - in the 60s was not only the first supermodel in the world, but also the highest paid. In addition to filming in magazines, she also starred in the film with Dustin Hoffman. Sunny living on nutrition for over 40 years, and she was born in 1940.

In his video interview to «The cool vegetarian», Sonny says that most of her family members are suffering from obesity, all of her brothers regarding overweight. In his youth, when she was a model, and her own weight for it was one of the major problems, because the beauty industry required thinness.

When in 1962 she started her career, then he ate food fast food due to lack of money, but felt Sonny is not the best way. Then life began to spin, has become very tense, so
Sunny decided to carry in her purse "convenient food": apples, carrots, celery, nuts and seeds.

Ms Griffin says, "I feel fine, stay slim and getting the necessary nutrition. Then I did not have a clue about the raw food diet ».

< Sunny says that many modern supermodels such as Giselle (Giselle), the highest paid model of modernity, raw foodists. Supermodel Carol Alt has written two books about living food, telling his story of how,
which she had a health problem to the raw food diet, and they are gone after.

Natural Cosmetics

One of the postulates of Sonny in respect of cosmetic products is as follows: "If you do not want to eat it, why put on the face."

In the 60s, all cosmetic products was filled with chemicals. The last 10-15 years, herbal cosmetics has become very popular. Sunny says: "There are many fine companies that collect the flowers in the correct lunar day, and not even allowed to use mobile phones on the field, but they boil their products, by killing all the enzymes."

Sunny organized its own cosmetic line "raw cosmetics", emphasizing that none of the components are not heated to more than 115 º F.
Sunny ironically remarked: "I was approached by an old friend whom I had not seen for 10-15 years, and asked if I lift the skin or other procedures or did not do surgery and I tell them I did not do anything - I just use natural "crude" cosmetics. »

Sonny says, "If you want to look good in 70 or 80 years, begin to care for themselves and to monitor the health of youth!". "I still go to ballet lessons, although I am 70, and study together with the girls, who for 12 years", - laughing, said the former supermodel


Healing in vivo nutrition

Sunny says that a raw food diet completely transformed her life. She started fast with a week in Taiwan. Each time after a hunger strike, she was able to extend the raw food diet longer and longer.

Several years ago, Sonny got into a serious car accident at the age of 68 years. She had to endure a heavy operation. The doctors did not predict a speedy recovery, but with her husband Sonny completely renewed a raw food diet, and for two and a half months, a fracture in his back completely cured! Sunny advises everyone who is sick and in need of recovery, eating raw fruits and vegetables.

Sunny entire life engaged in a variety of sports, from the 40 years she takes ballet lessons, raised three highest mountains in the world. Sport it is very appealing.

Also, Mrs. Griffin believes that health is not merely the absence of disease. Health - is aware of what we do, how we live, that we put into the mouth and put on our face, what we do with Planet

. Sonny says she not only eats raw food, except for certain periods of life, but in her daily diet includes large portions of organic raw foods. She says: "80% raw food - excellent, 50% - also good, but when you start to eat more raw food, you will be so
feel good that you yourself want to have more than her. »

Live food not only means food carrots and apples, there are a lot of exotic, simple recipes but a variety of "raw" foods.

The basic postulate of living ptaniya - not to heat food more than 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit, so as not to kill the enzymes. Sonny says, "Especially with age as our bodies produce less and less of enzymes, especially important to eat a live, raw, vegetarian diet."


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