The use of animal protein contributes to aging

American nutritionists have called the most useful for a long and healthy life of a human protein. The study is published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, briefly about it informs edition EurekAlert!

Eating vegetable proteins, as shown by nutritionists to be associated with lower risk of premature death, while red meat - high

. Total scientists analyzed 30-year data on more than 130 thousand people, among whom there were 64, 7 percent of women. The average age of study participants was 49 years, an average of animal protein in their diet had 14 percent vegetable - 4. The scientists came to the following conclusions

. Growth of 10 per cent the proportion of animal protein in total caloric intake increased by 2 percent risk of mortality from all causes, and 8 - from cardiovascular disease. The growth rate of 3 per cent of the share of vegetable proteins, in contrast, is reduced by 10 percent the risk of death from all causes and a 12 -. From cardiovascular diseases

The situation will get worse if the person who uses red meat, demonstrates unhealthy behavior such as smoking, drinking alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle and is overweight.

According to scientists, they had the largest study of its kind that allows you to finally establish a link between early risk of death and eating habits. Experts recommend replacing animal protein to vegetable in your diet.


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