5 lessons that are presented to us by nature

1. The first lesson of the success we can learn from the woodpecker. Yes, the woodpecker! It is called "lesson realistic focus."

Woodpecker largely smarter than us. Yes, he beat his head against the tree, but he does it very well. He is realistic - he's not trying to split the tree in half with a single blow, as it wants to do a lot of us, and he focused - he is not knocking on wood from all sides. He has focussed in the same point, slowly moving your worm. What we need is not a worm, and immediately snakes, and we want to find it is not in a dense wood, but only sprinkled with leaves on the ground.

2. The second lesson can be learned from the success of the fish. It is called "lesson flow."
The fish is always swimming against the tide, and contrary to the general opinion is correct. It does not to complicate your life, and to more water by itself to miss. Thus by the stream of water it floats more food and oxygen. So her life becomes several times richer. We, in contrast to the fish, always trying to go with the flow in the stagnant flow, and as a result, instead of 40 years of experience, we have acquired a one-year experience 40 times. We do not want to leave the comfort zone and then wonder why life was so few opportunities. We want to win the lottery of life, not even buying a lottery ticket.

3. The third lesson of success can be learned in young cubs. This lesson is called a success - "blot the face with blood."

They are able to learn uchitsya.Oni older more experienced Lions. And they do not learn from textbooks and talk but in deed. They know exactly - you need to learn how to hunt dirty face with blood. We are afraid to even mess with your hands. We sit at the desk and look at the man standing at the blackboard dressed rabbit, which teaches us to hunt. Or worse, closes the house and learn themselves, and when it comes time to hunt, not something that we do not know how to hunt, we are afraid of the smell of blood.

4. The fourth lesson we can learn to succeed in a dog. He called social "wag the tail first."

In the 21st century, it does not matter what you do, and it is important for you motiviruesh others. And a perfect example is the dog. The dog does not think: "First you bring me home, feed and wash, and then I'll wag his tail." The dog gives his feelings first, and only then gets in return is that she needs. However, it does not force you to give her anything, it makes it so that you do want to do it.

5. The fifth lesson of success we must teach the snake. The lesson is called "do not whine."

She does not think: "I have no arms or legs, I have poor eyesight, I was not born in the country, nobody loves me, my parents did not care about me since I hatched." Snake manages the fact that it has, and we even afraid of "animal-disabled." And if she do not like something, it just changes the skin and crawls on without regrets.


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