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Parents were the people who largely influenced our character and may be due to their lack of competence have caused the formation of our various psychological problems.
How do we properly belongs to our parents? Can we blame them for mistakes? Let us examine this topic more.

In all serious spiritual traditions emphasize the importance of respect for parents. What is the reason?

According to the laws of the universe, we come into this world and gain his physical body through our parents. We know this fact, but often do not attach much importance and therefore can not properly assess the role that parents play in our lives.
From the point of view of astrology relationships with parents exhibit in our lives influence the two strongest positive planets moon and sun. These planets just epitomize the very feminine and masculine energy. The female energy is lunar, it comes from the moon. Men's - is solar energy. Its source is the sun.

Women's or moon energy gives internal harmony. It is associated with qualities such as softness, flexibility, sensitivity and tolerance. Men's or solar energy has an active dynamic nature. Thanks to them, we achieve something in the world. Such personal qualities as decisiveness, determination, willpower are a manifestation of this energy.

If you do not exert enough respect for their parents (simply due to the fact that they are your parents!), It immediately - and knows it experienced astrologers - from your horoscope takes the influence of the two most powerful positive astrological energies.
Where will this lead? Moreover, because of the nature leave your qualities associated with the lunar and solar energy. This also leads to the fact that the influence of all other negative energies that were not active in your chart immediately increase. Pluto, Saturn and other "dangerous" the world will strongly influence your destiny.

Thus, just not having enough respect for their parents, we are laying their lives in various destructive tendencies. They can occur in any area of ​​absolutely depending on what negative planet will take effect: in a career in the field of money in relationships with other people, will affect the physical and mental health.
What to do? Do not rebel against the world. It is subject to certain laws. We have to understand and accept. If our actions we will resist the laws of the cosmos, it inevitably will have to pay for the suffering in various spheres of life.

Relationship with his father and mother from the point of view of psychology form the foundation of our character. Maybe our parents were not very proficient in science education, maybe something they did not so well as we would like. However, they - our parents. Thanks to them, we came into this world, and in dealing with them began to take shape our personality.

From the point of view of the laws of the cosmos any negative attitude to parents destroys our own subtle touch with the world.
It would not be wrong, our father and mother, we should be grateful for what they have given us this life. Only such an attitude to them forms the integrity of our personality. Any other attitude that destroys the integrity. This is - just a law of the universe. We may not agree with him. However, to change the world, we can not. He is what it is. As the saying "ignorance of the law is no excuse».

Many of the laws of the universe are in the delicate area. They seem to be invisible, but are adamant. Psychology is a science that can explain to us these laws. But are we ready to hear them?

If you are ready, then it makes sense to learn about the various psychological techniques that can help us to purify our relationship with father and mother. Clean them up, and filled a sense of gratitude and forgiveness, we would again be inner peace and confidence.
 - Oleg Gadetsky -


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