❆❆❆ US TASTE with character ❆❆❆

Healthy eating - a sign of high culture, respect for yourself. Eat like all taste the same needs of the body depend on the mental state of a person, and not from expediency. In accordance with human emotions there are 6 flavors - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent. If all these flavors are present in a balanced state, the food gives health and happiness. If, depending on our behavior and character flaws we break this harmony, then come sickness. Here are some examples of such dependence.

In a state of laziness, people want sweet in the afternoon. From an excess of sugar in the body defenses is reduced, the metabolism, the liver, pancreas, small vessel suffers vision. Many sweets in the afternoon consume those who do not want to solve their problems.
Experiencing grief, man strives to eat bitter foods (mustard, rye bread, coffee). As a result, there are chronic infections, diseases, blood and bone.

Pessimistic, resentful people want to sour. Sour in excessive amounts damages the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, joints, breaks the internal environment.

Not able to work in a state of happiness, intense man hochetperesolennoy food. Needless salt is the enemy of the whole body blood vessels, bronchi, kidneys, joints.

Stubborn, energetic, impetuous people love too tart. Such food leads to diseases of the hormonal, bronchus, spine, joints and bones.

Addicted to spicy food experience anger, too temperamental people, thus creating inflammation in the liver, pancreas, stomach, heart, genitals, allergic diseases.

The need for fried food occurs when rudeness, fatigue, aversion to work. This leads to overloading of the brain vessels, the liver, stomach, and disturbed hormonal immune function.

Greedy people love too fat - it leads to metabolic diseases, stomach, liver, skeletal system.

People who are in constant mental stress, can not be distracted from the problems prefer to tone up the body tea, coffee. It is also the main reason for smoking. The result of such habits - vascular lesions of the brain, heart, kidneys, liver. Reduced gonadal function, the system suffers from blood.

Irritable, stubborn, greedy, fidgeting a lot of people like to eat, toropyatsyavo the meal - there is overweight, disorders of blood pressure, hormonal disorders, spine, decreasing the body's defenses.

When callousness, greed, bad attitude to people, brutality, excessive attachment to things appears craving for meat. Cruelty and straightness causes the need for fish food. These products are defiled and contain the energy of the murder, so since ancient times is considered that if a person eats meat and fish, the power of death begins to increase it. Hence the pessimism, constant irritability, cancers, accidents. Furthermore, these products require high energy for the digestion, resulting in weaker all other functions, including natural tendency to self-healing. The disease becomes chronic.

Man fascinated by things you love, kindly referring to people who are not prone to distortions of their palatability and thereby increases the opportunity to be healthy.
Thus, indulging his negative character traits we acquire taste disturbance, which in turn causes the food to take meat, fish, fried, tea, cocoa, coffee, too: sweet, sour, salty, tart, bitter, greasy, spicy. When malnutrition develop the disease.


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