9 simple methods of developing a positive attitude to life:

1. Create a journal of gratitude and make daily entries there. Thank people and situations that were useful and pleasing to you on this day.

2. Create a daily journal victories. It is similar to the magazine thanks, but in this case, try to write one or more small and large victories, you committed that day.

3. meditate at least 30 minutes a day.

4. Daily visualize their dream! Make a map of desires and 5 minutes a day looking at it, imagining that you already have it all.
5. Improve your health. Regularly eat wholesome food, pay the holidays. It's hard to be positive if you feel exhausted and are in poor condition.

6. Use positive affirmations every day and read positive stories and aphorisms.

7. Watch your posture: Sit up straight, smile, walk proudly, breathe deeply. Try to do it for 60 seconds, and you will begin to feel the difference. (Honestly, try it now!)

8. Keep track of emotions: negative emotions indicate that your thoughts are negative. You can always know when to change the direction of thinking.

9. Stay near the positive people.


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