How to formulate your desire to the Universe


The author — psychologist-consultant Eugene bright.
To wishes fulfilled, they must be properly think. Depending on perception, you can consider it a fairy tale or the most valuable in the world of information. So, the best manual on the "order" of the desires from the Universe is:

1. The desire at the time of "order" should be one
How often do we want? Here is a typical example: "I Want seven million. Three — buy a luxury apartment in a prestigious area. One nice car. Another couple — I will go to see the world, ...." Stop! In this exaggerated desire a lot of other desires which can be not connected with the initial one. It turns out some dolls. Such multi-layer design doesn't work! To each of the separate desires fulfilled, it is necessary to work separately. Why?
Now imagine that you — the parent. Comes to you your child and asks a hundred roubles. Suppose a child set out to build a hamster house and he's got planks, nails, a hammer, the Child figured that a hundred rubles — this is the amount which should be enough for everything you need. But you — the parent — know that the gavel in the house is already there, the plates can be brought from work, and the studs have to buy only 30 rubles. Thus, the hamster gets a new home, child — engaging creative work and you get satisfaction from economical solution.
Same thing happens between us and the Universe, which is the main giver of all our blessings. And the universe will always act in the most rational way. So, break your multi-layered-multi-component desire in components. Each component needs to be basic.


2. The desire should not be a condition for the fulfillment of other desires
So, we understand. Question: Why do I need seven million? Answer: to buy an apartment, a car, start a business, put the n-th sum in the Bank, takedown... etc. Now with each of them (apartment, car, business, Bank, debt) it is necessary to work separately. We continue with an example. Question: Why should I rent? Answer: to get rid of parental care. Next question: Why do I need to get rid of parental care? Answer: to have more personal freedom. Next question: What happens after my wish come true? Response: I will... (what will you be ?) As soon as your answer expressed SENSE, it can be considered "elementary", i.e. same desire and need to "order" for execution.

3. The desire to evoke only feelings and not thoughts about new desires
So, what will happen to you after your wish will come true? The correct answer is: "I FEEL... happiness! Satisfaction!..." Well, or something like that. Let us return to the seven million. "When I have "object A" (i.e. seven million), I'll be able to have more "items B, C, d". See? No special feelings except the feeling that with the money you need something else to do. And this is a sure signal of wrong desires.
Now, if the answer was, "Oooo! I will put this money here in this glass jar, put it on the table and will every day, taking the fun out of my seven million in the Bank..." — wow, this is right desire. But you really want to? However, if you just want money, and order them. Why be ashamed of something? And in parallel it is possible to order an apartment, a car, business, the distribution of debts and everything else. Parallel!
If the apartment is only a means of getting rid of guardianship of parents, it is necessary to order (please!) — no apartment, and getting rid of parental care. It is possible to get an apartment, but care not to get rid of. Parents — they can see you in the new apartment to get it. Even on the edge of the world! So, consider the result of his desire — the universe will bring what result. If you want to meet the Prince on a silver BMW to marry him, then your wish is not to meet the Prince and to marry a Prince. Feel the difference?

4. The desire to be "green"
This means that as a result of your desire nobody needs to get hurt. How to avoid causing unintentional trouble to others? Sorry, just to avoid trouble in life does not work, so life is arranged. It is quite possible that your burning desire to get an apartment will result in the fact that you will get inheritance from a relative who had died suddenly. But! It is important to remember that in any case, all under the control of the Universe. Your desire will always be fulfilled in the most rational way, but taking into account the life scenarios of all the characters of the action. So relax and accept things as they are. That is, with gratitude!
A few words about why we should not create trouble deliberately. Suppose you are overwhelmed by the desire to hurt someone. Suppose you even think that you are right. And that object deserve to be punished. Now think about Your right — the rightmost rightness in the world? And you feel entitled to punish or pardon on your own? Launching the boomerang of their desires, keep in mind that these flying devices have one nasty habit — they come back. So let your "boomerangs" are only good so you would not need to fear their return.

5. The desire to touch you and not third parties
Very often there are such desires: "I Want my child...", "I Want my husband..." a Familiar pattern, right? Now, such desires do not work! How can that be, you ask? Is it all hopeless? No, of course not. Just need to change the desire. It should concern you, not your child, husband, parents, boss, etc. It might look something like this: "I Want to be proud of their child who's a good boy", "I Want to do all the housework with her husband", etc. in a word, translated "arrows" on your feelings in connection with the fulfillment of your desire.

6. To want need to the maximum
One good man said, "Wish you have a lot and often. Wish we need. Just still not getting it. But the more desire, the more you get". And it's true! If you want the car — may it be the best, in your opinion, machine. What do you say? There is no money for this? And the old "Zhiguli" is? Too, no? Then what's the difference? What to wish for something inferior, wish something awesome! The universe is vast and inexhaustible. And boundless, as you might imagine. All the restrictions that you have in life are the limits associated with a bad flight to your imagination. So, pull up Elevator and take to the sky!


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