Parable about heaven and hell

After the death of the soul a few people are in heaven (well, at least so it seemed). At this point, all their wishes fulfilled immediately. Cost them about something to think of something to want - and at the same moment desires to appear before them. This is the life !!! Something that many people in the world have spent years, and some even a lifetime - here happened in the blink of an eye. He had only to want. They felt the gods and were immensely happy.
This went on for some time, their willingness to become more sophisticated, but nevertheless performed with the same accuracy and at the same instant. They have tried everything you could imagine and even what you can not imagine - all, even the most vague desires instantly fulfilled. And then came the day when their minds could not think of anything new. A feeling of emptiness, the universal boredom settled inside. And they cried out: "Oh, Lord, show us the earth." And the clouds parted and when they saw the earth. And on Earth billions of people to invent worthless and great goals, something desired by spending on the implementation of their desires all his short life. Looking at all of this and had a good laugh, they again began to live a carefree and happy.

But it took only three days, and all them terribly bored. And then they prayed: "O Lord, we want to look again at the Earth." And again parted the clouds and the Earth appeared before them. But this time the kind of human anthill did not help, and they are terrified of the thought of eternity, which is like a giant chasm blackened ahead. Then they prayed, "O Lord, show us the hell."

What do you think of where you are?


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