10 parables make the world better

1. Tactics


The epigraph.

- I work from morning to night!

- And when do you think?

(Dialogue between the young and brilliant physicist Rutherford)

You could see it on television, hear on the radio or in the newspapers, but this time the annual world championship was held in British Columbia. The finalists were Canadian and Norwegian.

Their task was as follows. Each of them was allocated a certain area of ​​the forest. The winner is the one who would be able to knock down the most number of trees from 8 am to four pm.

At eight o'clock in the morning there was a whistle and two logger positioned. They cut down a tree for a tree, while the Canadian had not heard that the Norwegian stopped. Realizing that this was his chance, Canadian redoubled his efforts ...

At nine o'clock I heard a Canadian, that the Norwegian again went to work. And again, they worked almost simultaneously, when ten minutes to ten Canadians heard that Norway's stopped again. Once again, the Canadian went to work, wanting to take advantage of the weakness of the enemy.

At ten o'clock the Norwegian again involved in the work. As long as ten minutes to eleven, he did not interrupt briefly. With the ever-increasing sense of jubilation Canadian continued to work at the same pace, already feeling the smell of victory.

And so it went on all day. Every hour the Norwegian stayed for ten minutes, and the Canadian continued to work. When there was a signal of the end of the competition, exactly four o'clock in the afternoon, a Canadian was quite sure that the prize in his pocket.

You can not imagine how he was surprised to learn that he had lost.

- How did it happen? - He asked the Norwegian. - Every hour, I heard you on the ten-minute stops. Like, damn you, you managed to cut more wood than I? That's impossible.

- In fact, everything is very simple - just said the Norwegian. - Every hour I stayed for ten minutes. And while you went to chop wood, I was sharpening his ax.

2. The parable of the two wolves


Once upon a time an old Indian opened his grandson one life truth.

In every man there is a struggle, much like the struggle between two wolves. One wolf represents evil - envy, jealousy, sorrow, selfishness, ambitions, lie ... Another wolf represents the goodness - peace, love, hope, truth, goodness, faithfulness ...

Little Indian, touched to the heart the words of his grandfather, thought for a few moments, and then asked: - And what in the end the wolf wins?

An old Indian smiled slightly and replied:

- Always wins the wolf that you feed.

3. Find out the cause of


A traveler walking along the river, heard the desperate cries of children. Running to the beach, he saw a child drowning in the river and rushed to save them. Noticing passing man, he called to him for help. He began to help those who have stayed afloat. Seeing the third traveler, they called him for help, but he was not paying attention to steps to accelerate. "Do not you care about the children?" - Asked the rescuers.

Third traveler told them: "I see that the two of you is doing well. I run down to the turn, find out why children end up in the river and try to prevent it ».

4. Two other


One day they had an argument and one of them gave a slap another. The latter, feeling pain, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand:

- Today, my best friend gave me a slap.

They continued walking and found an oasis, which decided to take a dip. The one who got slapped, nearly drowned, and his friend saved him. When he regained consciousness, he wrote on a stone: "Today my best friend saved my life».

Whoever gave the slap and who saved the life of his friend asked him:

- When I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now you write on a stone. Why?

A friend said:

- When someone hurts us we should write it in the sand, the winds could erase it. But when someone does something good, we must engrave it in stone, so that no wind could erase it.

5. Pig and cow


Pig cow complained that her bad attitude:

- People always talk about your kindness and gentle eyes. Of course, you give them milk and butter, but I'm giving greater, sausage, ham and chops, skin and hair, even my legs are cooked! And still nobody loves me. Why so?

Cow thought for a moment and replied:

- Maybe because I give everything during his lifetime?

6. The parable about heaven and hell


Faithful came to the prophet Elijah with a request to show Heaven and Hell.

They came into the great hall, where around a large cauldron of boiling soup crowded multitudes. Each in his hands was a huge metal spoon with human growth, piping hot, and only the very end of the handle was made of wood. Thin, greedy, hungry people eagerly shoved the spoon into the pot, barely pulling out soup and trying to reach out to the mouth of the cup. When they burn, swearing, fighting.

The Prophet said: "This is Hell" - and led to another room.

It was quiet, the same pot, the same spoon. but almost all were satisfied. Because in pairs and alternately fed each other. The Prophet said: "This is Paradise».

7. The five simple rules to be happy.


One farmer donkey fell into a well. He screamed terribly, calling for help. The farmer came running and threw up his hands: "How did it get there?"

Then the owner of the donkey judged as follows: "My Donkey - old. He was already long gone. I'm still going to buy a new colt. And well, all is equivalent to almost dried up. I've been going to bury it and dig a new well elsewhere. So why not do it now? At the same time, and I bury the donkey that was heard odor of decomposition ".

He invited all his neighbors to help him dig the well. They all took up a shovel and began to throw earth into the well. Donkey immediately knew what would follow, and began to publish a terrible shriek. Suddenly, to everyone's amazement, he quieted down. After a few shots of land a farmer has decided to see what was down there.

He was astonished by what he saw there. Every piece of land, to fall on his back, the donkey brushed and trampled underfoot. Very soon, to everyone's amazement, the donkey appeared at the top - and jumped out of the pit!

... In life you will meet many different kinds of dirt and every time life will send you all new and a new batch. Whenever drops a clod of earth, dust them off and climbs up and the only way you can get out of the well.

Each of emerging problems - it's like a stone to go to the creek. If you do not stop and do not give up, you can choose from any of the deep well.

Shake and rise upward. To be happy remember five simple rules:

1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive.

2. Free your heart from the unrest - most of them do not come true.

3. Lead a simple life and Appreciate what you have.

4. Give greater.

5. Expect less.

8. Nothing that would not be true ...


One day, a blind man was sitting on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet and a sign "I am blind, please help!»

One man walked by and stopped. He saw a disabled person who had only a few coins in his hat. He threw him a couple of coins and without his permission write new words on the label. He left her blind man and left.

During the day he came back and saw that the hat full of coins and money. The blind man recognized his footsteps and asked if he was not the man who rewrote the plate. He also wanted to know what he wrote.

He said, "Nothing that would not be true. I just wrote it a little differently. " He smiled and walked away.

New inscription on the tablet was as follows: "It is spring, but I can not see it».

9. The choice is yours


"That's impossible!" - Said the reason.

"This is madness!" - Said Experience.

"It's useless!" - Cut off the Pride.

"Try ..." - whispered Dream.

10. Bank of life

... Students have already filled the audience and waiting for the start of the lecture. Here there was a teacher, and put on the table a large glass jar that surprised many:

-Today I would like to talk to you about life, what can you say about this bank?

Well, it's empty - someone said.

-perfect True - confirmed the teacher, then he pulled from under the table a bag of large stones and started to stack them in a jar as long as they did not fill it to the top - Now, what can you say about this bank? < br />
Well, now the bank's full! - Once said one of the students.

The teacher took out another bag of peas, and began to fill it in a jar. Pea began to fill the space between the stones:

-What Now?

-Now Bank full !!! - Have begun to second student. Then the teacher took out a bag of sand, and began to fill it in the bank, after some time, the bank did not have any free space.

Well now, then accurately complete the bank - zagaldeli students. Then the teacher, with a sly smile, pulled out two bottles of beer and poured them into the jar:

- And now the bank is full! - he said. - And now I'm going to explain to you what just happened. Bank - this is our life, stones - these are the most important things in our lives, it's our family, our children, our loved ones, all that is very important to us; peas - these are things that are not so important for us, it can be an expensive suit or a car, etc .; and the sand - it's very small and not significant in our lives, all those small problems that accompany us throughout all our lives; So, if I fall asleep in the first sand bank, then it would have been impossible to put any peas or stones, so never let different kinds of little things to fill your life, closing your eyes to the more important things. All my lecture is over.

- Professor, - said one of the students - and that means a bottle of beer ??? !!!

The professor smiled slyly again:

- They mean that, no matter what the problem, there is always time for what would relax and have a few beers!

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