Like all of us, adults, lack the freshness of perception of the child!

How dull "zamylennym" look we meet each new day! But nothing stays the same for the moon - we're flying along with the planet, together with our solar system and the galaxies in the universe with a huge escape velocity. What is so hard "anchor" us in our repeated every day life? Where did the lightness and freshness, boldness and curiosity of childhood and adolescence?

Many of the answers to this question: Burden of responsibility.

Yes, of course, the burden of responsibility that we take on voluntarily in accordance with the norms and rules of society, by virtue of their education, the desire to look right and good in the eyes of others.

But it's your life, it is given to you personally, and you live it must be so as not to regret at the end for taking the time to minutes, days and years in order to somehow look in someone's eyes.

Turn to Me, open a new page of its latest unique life, remove the lead weight of responsibility for other people who have long been grown and independent. Yes, of course, you can not remove the responsibility for the children while they are indeed children. But often we do not notice that they have long since grown up and do not require our care.

Another year of life unfolding before us - try to absolve themselves of excess liability, excessive demands on themselves, and nobody needs your desire to become someone in the eyes of someone! Wipe the dim dusty glass, through which you view the world, and see it in all its beauty and brightness of the colors and unpredictability. Yes - unpredictability!

On the eve of the New Year, many wished each other stability. For me, it is the stability of a stagnant bog, where there is nothing to update, there is no motion, then there is no evolution. Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger, so I wish you:

fresh winds of change;

crises, of which overlook the strong and self-confident;

ups and downs, which is inverted consciousness;

everything that makes your life vibrant, diverse, fresh and inspiring!

In conclusion, I cite several statements Masters Osho:

"Watch children and you will be constantly surprised. But we begin to destroy their minds, because they are too concerned about the correctness of the answer - the answer must be correct, it is not reasonable. This is the wrong direction. Let the answer be reasonable, let the answer be a bit original, even if the answer is a proper response to the child. Do not worry about what is right or not, so do not need to hurry; the correct answer will come himself. Allow the child to seek an answer, let him stumble on his own. Why are we in such a hurry?

We are so obsessed with correctness. In no case can not do anything wrong. Why not? The man who never does anything wrong, never growing. For growth requires that sometimes you stray from the path that you started to play, fool around, that you found the original stuff - maybe they will be wrong; you have come to the right by their own efforts, in the course of their own growth. »


"Children experience accompanies the wise men all my life. They crave it again - the same innocence, the same astonishment, the same beauty. Now he is like a distant echo, sweet sleep.

However, all religions are born out of the desire for children unfading miracle, truth, beauty, life, dancing everywhere. The singing of birds in the colors of the rainbow, the fragrance of flowers, somewhere deep inside the child remembers paradise lost.

Not by chance in all religions of the world is a parable about how people once lived in paradise and for some reason, was forced to leave it. These are different stories, different parables, but they emphasize a simple truth: these stories poetic way of telling that person was born in paradise, and then lost it. Backward, silly people have completely forgotten about it.

But intelligent, sensitive, creative people are still eager to experience the paradise that they once knew and which they, unfortunately, were only faint memories. They start to look for it again.

Search of Paradise - a new search of childhood. Of course, your body will never be childish, but your mind can be as pure as the consciousness of the child. That's the secret of the mystical ascent: to become like a child again, innocent nezasorёnnym knowledge, know nothing, conscious of everything that's going on with great curiosity and a sense of mystery that can not lose. "


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