What do the different problematic situations, lessons?

- Financial problems - Change beliefs about the material (loss of balance between material and spiritual);

- Health problems - recognize the value of their temple of the soul, to find him intuitive connection, to hear his voice; "Mirror therapy" - a disease tells about the disharmony in the higher plane of beliefs, emotions, and beliefs;

- Problems in communication - to learn to respect personal space, the choice and the will of others;

- The problems in his personal life - free from limiting beliefs about "perfect love," to remove the template that hinders come into your life of love and happiness;

- Problems at work - objectives: to reveal his creative power; to do their job; Change related to their activities, etc .;

- Recurring problematic situations - change the philosophy of life, to make a "revision" of life values;

- Problems with children - forgive yourself - as a child; reveal a gifts Inner Child;

- Problems with men (women) - to reveal the potential of women; free game of the opposite;

- Lack of understanding themselves, dislike to him, the failure itself - find themselves among the roles, beliefs scenarios. Reconnect with their wishes, dreams, goals, feelings, states, abilities, and his heart, mind, soul, and his Spirit.

Wish you happiness!


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