50 things that are worth a try in this life!

1. Visit all the continents.
2. Cross your country on a bicycle.
3. Ride something bigger than a horse. Elephant, for example.
4. living in any other country at least a month. This greatly expand your horizons.
5. To love life.
6. Learn the additional language.
7. Go to the heli-skiing - this is when the peaks to descend on skis gives you a helicopter.
8. Cross India by train - the only way you will see the most colorful and controversial country.
9. Ride one of the seven highest peaks.
10. Go diving with whale sharks. She does not bite.
11. Visit the Carnival in Brazil.
12. Learn to dance the tango in Argentina.
13. Go skydiving.
14. scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef - the largest coral reef of the world.
15. Publish an article about your travels.
16. Go somewhere to volunteer for a month.
17. Repeat the journey of the hero of your favorite novel.
18. Look at Africa from a light aircraft.
19. Take a walk on the glacier. They will soon disappear completely.
20. Look at the mouth of one of the greatest rivers of the world, such as the Nile.
21. Climb up to the top of an active volcano.
22. meet and make friends with the man who was born on the same day as you.
23. Try to eat with your hands, as it makes a lot more people in the world.
24. Take a walk in the rain without an umbrella.
25. Take a trip around the Earth, even on airplanes, without leaving the airport.
26. Take pictures of dangerous animals.
27. Participate in a dance around the burning statues. It is said that there is a feeling to convey as difficult as to describe any color blind.
28. Spend 24 hours in the jungle alone.
29. Learn to cook the national dish of the peoples with whom you come in contact.
30. Stroke the tiger.
31. Visit the music festival in another country.
32. Cross country only by public transport.
33. Spend a night in the famous "historic" hotel.
34. Visit the Olympic Games.
35. Explore a living writer who adore.
36. Visit the Love Parade in Germany.
37. Participate in a tea ceremony in Japan.
38. Join the caravan that crosses the Sahara.
39. Go to the Oktoberfest.
40. Ride the South or the North Pole.
41. Visit a football match in Europe or South America - pure passion!
42. Visit the birthplace or grave of a cult of personality.
43. Find your place in the world, as in the movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio.
44. Try svezhezavernutuyu cigar in Cuba.
45. Visit all the capitals of ancient Europe.
46. ​​Visit the symphonic presentation in Vienna.
47. Parachute!
48. Drive the bike Pacific Coast Highway.
49. Shake the hand of someone who really changed the country.
50. Take part in the biggest water fight in Thailand.


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