What is different girls from the guys?

 - Want to love was once and for all
 - Like when they take the hand without further ado
 - Want to be every half hour writing sms-ki
 - Periodically lost wallet, keys and phone
 - Blush more if they say that they were red
 - Make a wish at 11:11 and 22:22
 - Cuddle in his sleep teddy bears, rabbits or other.
Favorite animals  - Collect the bags from stores and then get frustrated not knowing what to do with them
 - I love marshmallows in chocolate and jelly bears
 - Pokes his tongue when trying
 - Sometimes you do not answer the phone, and then say they do not hear, because sleeping
 - Believe that if something very much want to, then it will happen

 - Be careful not to tear our
 - Know how to fix the computer
 - Even if they are not interested, agree with us to see a film about love, to hold us by the hand
 - Scares the phrase "we need to talk seriously»
 - Becomes very important when shave
 - Lay a hand on her stomach us, and it ceases to hurt
 - Sometimes forget to call back, but not because I do not want to talk, and really forget
 - Terribly afraid of our dads and moms are very eager to please
 - Teach us to drive the car
 - Do not understand what PMS and why these days about we need even more care
 - Very funny swear, if we do not dress warm clothes
 - Are able to open the champagne and throwing stones so that they jumped in the water
 - They do not understand why we runoff belongings
 - They do not like to write long sms-ki
 - Some things never tell, but often think


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